The Importance of Recognition for Projectors

Everyone wants to be seen; recognition for Projectors is something specific and special.

Projectors is one of four aura types according to the Human Design system. Along with Reflectors, Projectors are a non-energy type. They are not here to work, like the Generators and Manifesting Generators. They are here to guide, with their aura penetrating into another person’s G, the centre of their identity, love, and direction.

No matter the aura type, no one is here for everyone. We do not have to give away our energy or life force to fulfill expectations, meet societal standards, or whatever conditioning we have taken on as how life works.

We are each here for specific people, specific environment, because we are each unique. Just as Generators or Manifesting Generators respond to life according to their definitions, what’s consistent in their Design, Projectors are here to be recognized for theirs. People may see something in them, that stems more from the projection field or their own expectations. This is not true recognition though recognition occurs more frequently than invitation. To be clear, appreciation is not recognition. Appreciation comes after the success of guidance from the Projector.

Projectors, wait for the true recognition and an actual invitation. The mind, especially when a person is new to the Human Design experiment, will try to figure out what both recognition and invitation look like. A foundational concept of this system, however, is to shift decision-making from the mind to our authority.

Projectors have a genetic need to be seen, and if they cannot wait for recognition to find them, they spend their life trying to attain recognition and make all manner of compromises in the process. With their undefined Sacral, it is very easy for Projectors to take on the burdens and commitments of others. In fact, every Projector needs to understand that every person in their life who does not recognize their needs and respect their design is a physical burden on their energy system and health.

Ra Uru Hu

There is no shortcut, for anyone, to bypass this process of deconditioning, this process of becoming who you actually are. The more we surrender the mind, the more we are able to align with our path. As Joseph Campbell said, let go of the plan we had to live the life we came here for. No more “fake it until you make it” for any of us. That pulls our mind and life force further away from alignment. As Projectors, know you are not here to play the generators’ game. Their satisfaction comes from loving the work they do. They have the defined sacral and sustained energy for what is correct for them. Projectors, on the other hand, are here to guide, through recognizing and taking in the other. In this way, you also come to understanding yourself better.

If you are not receiving recognition followed by a specific, acoustic, and formal invitation, those people are not for you, Projectors.