Homeopathy for Pregnancy + Childbirth

In this article, homeopath Charu Ramesh talks about how homeopathy helps pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding concerns.

One of the main concerns that every pregnant woman has is ensuring that whatever treatment she undergoes during her pregnancy is safe for her baby. Many women suffer through morning sickness, urinary tract infections, sleeplessness, colds and coughs, and several other ailments as they don’t want to take any medication with any potential harm for the growing baby.

Homeopathy provides a safe and gentle alternative that pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and newborns can take without any side effects.

There are many areas that homeopathy can help in:

During the pregnancy, it works very well in alleviating problems like morning sickness, tiredness, cramps, acidity, constipation, hemorrhoids, insomnia, headaches etc. It can also help tone the uterus and ensure that the labour goes smoothly. During the delivery, homeopathy can help calm the mother down and reduce anxiety to ease labour.

After the delivery, it helps faster healing and recovery for both the mother and child. It is quite common for the new mother to experience post natal blues, tiredness, anxiety and the like. By gently stimulating the vital force, homeopathy can help women overcome this, and go on to enjoy the new baby and motherhood. It works wonderfully in establishing a good milk supply and protecting nipples from cracking and soreness as well in conditions like mastitis.

Sometimes a new birth can cause emotional problems in siblings who find it difficult to adjust to the new scheme of things. These can be expressed in a variety of ways from outright attention seeking, to regressive behaviour, and even physical illness. Since homeopathy works holistically, it can help the child deal with his emotions and be more accepting of the new arrival.

People who have taken professional homeopathic treatment usually find that their health and well-being is markedly improved. It restores a healthy balance, both physically and emotionally, and brings a sense of well-being.

Article by Charu Ramesh, Homeopath


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