3 of Garlic’s Superpowers [Recipe]

It may come as a surprise that garlic is actually part of the same family as the dainty lily. Unlike the lily flower with its delicate fragrance, garlic is known for its strong smell. This is strong medicine. Find out what garlic’s superpowers are.

Flush Your LIver

Garlic has remarkable effects on the liver’s ability to identify and metabolize hostile cells. In The Complete Guide to Natural Healing, Tom Monte discusses findings by the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas that show garlic’s role in the body’s production of enzymes that directly attack cancer cells and tumours.

Allicin, also found in onions, promotes the body’s detoxification process. When the liver is overloaded by poor lifestyle choices, the body becomes sluggish and the systems become less effective.

garlic's superpowers

Benefits of a detox?

More energy, enhanced memory, radiant skin, efficient elimination system, fewer sensitives, and improved cell regeneration.

Fight Your Flu

Allicin is also responsible for the antimicrobal and antibiotic properties of garlic.

Before the world discovered penicillin, garlic and honey were the antibiotic combination of choice.

Used topically or internally, cooked or raw, garlic is a potent medicinal vegetable for fighting infections in the whole body and keeping heart disease at bay.

To fight off the flu and cold, drink 1-2 glasses daily of:

2 cloves of garlic
1 large carrot
1 medium sized beetroot
1 handful of spinach
1 medium sized apple
1 red onion
ginger (a piece the size of your small finger)
horse radish (a piece the size of your small finger)

Add 1 tablespoon of Manuka Honey (UMF 15+)

This juice won’t win many prizes with delicate taste buds (give it a try!), but it is really worth downing for its potent antibiotic properties.

Crush Your Cholesterol

Garlic has significant impact on cholesterol levels.

Not only does it raise the level of HDL cholesterol (the “healthy cholesterol”), it has also been found to significantly reduce the levels of LDL (the “lethal cholesterol”) as well as lowering blood pressure.

As such garlic is heavily used in the diets of heart-healthy cultures (e.g. across all of the Mediterranean, Asia) and has been a cornerstone for fighting arteriosclerosis and heart disease in modern times. It is possible to purchase odorless garlic in pill capsules. But clinical studies have not been able to replicate the medicinal benefits of the natural raw version. The most potent form is found in raw, crushed garlic.

Garlic’s superpowers is plain to see. Its properties show how powerful it is as medicine. While in some practices and diets such as in Ayurveda (yogic) and Buddhist, garlic is not included in food, it is still used as medicine.