Finding Your Purpose

Humans have an innate drive to find purpose, a meaning for why we are here. What is this life about? What is my life about? Do I matter? Is all that I go through, experience, and learn for a reason? Do we extinguish like a light into nothingness at death?

What is my purpose? Do you know what your purpose is?

Over the years, I’ve met many people in workshops, meditation circles, courses, get togethers, random conversations, and all kinds of places. Many of them share they are at the event because they are looking for their purpose, for how to serve and help others. Or others are so very sure of their desires, strengths, points of views, and ways to “make the world a better place.” This has stayed with me over the years as I met more people in my work and life. I’ve always pondered about this need to be of service. As someone with open Head, Ajna, and Ego/Will centres, I find such assuredness intriguing.

As Human Design‘s visibility and popularity have risen over the past few years, I am witnessing many people who discover it are seeking answers to who they are, their career path, relationship compatibility, and ways to abundance. Some will continue to explore Human Design and dive deep into their Experiment to align with their trajectory through following their Strategy and Authority. Many will remain tourists, visiting only those parts that they “resonate” with. Part of this is due to newcomers seeing Human Design as another Personality typing system or “like Astrology”. They aren’t always told what Human Design is really about – the Experiment and the deconditioning process. The foundation of what Human Design is also shaky in pop HD that has become a sensation on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Experiment

The Human Design Bodygraph shows us a map, an energetic blueprint. How the nine centres are defined (or not) and connected (or not) determine our Aura Type, which in turn informs us how we engage with the world. Each of the four Aura Types has its own way – its Strategy, because of the mechanics of the aura itself. As a Manifesting Generator, like Generators, my Strategy is to wait to respond. This is in sharp contrast with initiating, and the mindset of “just do it.” Go for it.

My aura draws life to me, and I get to respond. How my sacral responds is my Inner Authority. For about half of sacral beings, their Inner Authority is emotional. Theirs is process-based, allowing clarity to emerge over time.

My Experiment is to understand how my sacral responds, what are the bodily sensations, and to validate my experience through signposts such as resistance in general and Satisfaction specifically as a Manifesting Generator.


It takes time to decondition as we’ve been pulled away from who we are through conditioning forces. So we live from what’s open in our Bodygraph. What’s not defined is where we are here to learn about. There is no consistent energy in our openness and so it’s not where we can rely on. These areas are our receivers, rather than transmitters.

So for me as a Manifesting Generator, through the cellular process of deconditioning and my Experiment, I come to see more clearly how I operate through the not-self themes of my openness. I also learn the difference between the mind and my body consciousness.

The Experiment takes time and it can get radical, such as sleeping in our own aura.

These are not always so palatable to those who have not been informed about what Human Design is about. It’s not a quick solution or answer. There is uncertainty and it takes tremendous self-love and courage to make mistakes and to walk our path.

It is through the deconditioning process and our Experiment that we become wise about where we are open in our Bodygraph. A person with an undefined Solar Plexus who sees how they avoid confrontation and stops making decisions from that place can observe objectively the emotional climate in their environment. They also know who is emotionally healthy for them and who brings emotional chaos.


Does Human Design show us our Purpose?

You may have heard to look at your Incarnation Cross for your Purpose.

The Incarnation Cross consists of four gates – Design Sun and Earth and Personality Sun and Earth, which make up 70% of our imprint. Understanding these four energies therefore yields much insight, along with our Aura Type and Inner Authority.

My Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle Cross of the Sphinx. This is a Personal Destiny so I’m self-focused. I’m here to provide direction and I do this out of response. It’s not a mind thing. I don’t decide what direction is good for people. How correct it is, depends on how aligned I am with my trajectory, which in turn depends on whether I am making decisions as myself.

So Purpose unfolds. It isn’t something we pursue.

My belief is that when we live our life as who we are, that is service. It does not mean we have to be in a traditional helping job, which we may think of as a healer of some sort, a coach, etc. Just by walking the earth plane as ourselves, with our clear frequencies, we are in service.

The World of Homogenization

Do you wake up every morning, ready to tackle the world?

Do you use the weekends to recover? Or are you a weekend warrior, focusing on what you actually love?

Do you enjoy what you do? Did your body respond to the work? Were you invited to it? Did you have clarity about it? Or perhaps your body felt aligned, but your mind was conflicted over it.

We live in a world of possibilities. It is a world full of seductive forces and ideas that pull us into thinking that we can be this or that, if we study hard enough, if we make the right moves, if we take this masterclass, if we did this or that, if we looked this way or that. So we often chase after the latest shiny object, another well-crafted call to action, a new game plan (or sales funnel). Because we do not feel fulfilled, satisfied, at peace, successful…or we think we could be better. Given the majority of people have an undefined Ego/Heart/Will Centre, this is not surprising. The not-self theme of this centre is needing to prove yourself. If yours is undefined, you’ve got nothing to prove!

We believe we can figure it out with our mind. We want shortcuts, we want the sure thing, the magic bullet, all the pleasure and none of the pain. So we try to control life.

We’ve conditioned to be this way. As children, we’ve absorbed other people’s thinking and beliefs, to the point we are not completely aware of the extent of this happening. The homogenizing forces in the world continue to reinforce these patterns. We’ve even created our identity this way.

What if I told you, it’s not about the Mind figuring it out?

Rather, it’s about surrendering the mind and aligning the bioform with the trajectory.

Surrendering the mind, letting go of its obsessive – be it obvious or subtle – need to control, is an ever-deepening journey.

So if you are seeking your Purpose, are you open to the idea that it unfolds as you align with your trajectory?

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