Does Inner Peace Lead to World Peace? | 37Th Hexagram of the I Ching

Does inner peace lead to world peace? Is world peace possible when the collective does not dwell in inner peace? I don’t know. These questions come up today as the news of Ukraine reach us, and as the Sun transits Gate 37.

This morning, after Day 2 of a new 30-day challenge (Move) with Adrienne Mischler, from the depths of his practice, my partner offered this. What if the world just took a week off, or maybe not something so drastic, maybe a day or an hour daily, to be at peace with themselves? His actual words and message were much more profound, beautiful, and poetic than this. I’m merely passing the idea on. Can we all take some time away from the busyness of our life, and just be? At. peace.

BE. There is no doing, no striving, no strategizing, no conniving, no making lists, no feeling less-than. No judgment. It is dwelling in pure spirit, laughter, joy, connectedness, nourishment, love, and possibility.

This isn’t a new message, or suggestion, by any means. After many years of putting this into central focus, it is something we are doing ourselves, more and more every day. We are following the body’s wisdom and natural direction, doing what feels good, what feels correct. Trust me when I say it isn’t easy, with all this mental pressure. The alternative is continuing to give into external pressures and homogenizing forces that pull us from living our own life.

Some may say it is a privileged point of view. My question is can we afford otherwise? Can we continue to ram into each other, directing our life force into what our mind tells us is real, urgent, and true? Can our health and well-being sustain these hits of energetic self-attack and projection onto others in forms of jealousy, expectation, passive-aggressiveness, greed, and power play? I can’t imagine that anyone cannot simply take five minutes to pause and go back to the breath. Drop their shoulders, and feel into their body. Sometimes the best times to do this is when life feels impossible.

37 家 人 Chia Jen/ The Family (The Clan)

The Sun began its transit into Gate 37 at 9:42 AM UT on February 24, 2022. The 37th Hexagram of the I Ching is Chia Jen or The Family or The Clan. Following the sun’s transits through the 64 hexagrams is a wonderful way to observe ourselves and the world as the collective experiences these 64 expressions and energies. We can begin to see the Program at work, and how we are not that. Yet because we are ruled by the mind, it’s easy to be pulled into it.

My partner and I have several interpretations of the I Ching. We keep a copy of Brian Browne Walker’s in the car and another copy in the house. Thanks to Jon Levi‘s recommendation of this edition.

The 37th Hexagram is about the foundation of human communities, which starts with the individual. “In order to improve our family, company, nation, or world community, we must begin by improving ourselves.” Love, faithfulness, and correctness are found in all healthy families and clans. These are qualities that we must demonstrate ourselves, if we desire them in others. The “improving”, to me, is more about revealing what’s innate within us. It becomes buried because of these pressures, these conditioning forces, fear, believing in a false reality, and in lack, for example. Nothing really has changed through time. The scenes, the actors, etc may be different.

The Channel of Community

In Human Design, Gates 37 and 40 form the Channel of Community, linking the Ego/Heart/Will centre with the Solar Plexus centre. This is the bargain that underlies all that is tribal. With the Solar Plexus being the emotional energy centre, community is about being together, working, living, taking care of each other. Community is built on the contributions of its members.

You may have read in my other Human Design articles that we are coming to a close of a cycle that is very tribal-based. We are moving into a more individual-based. This means that with a new global cycle, the background energy is changing. We have built amazing institutions and infrastructure in this current Cross of Planning. And we have already begun seeing their dissolution.

Does this mean community will end? We are social beings and I believe we will always form communities. What will change is the motivation and energetic support of those communities. This is why it is important to understand how to make decisions that are correct for us, so that we can build and enter into communities that are correct and healthy for us.

How this will transpire we will see unfolding in the coming years and decades. In these times of great change and political power play, I remember what Gene Keys’ Richard Rudd has said. There are those who are genetically wired to be leaders. The kind of leaders they will be depends on their level of consciousness and self-awareness. Will they be the leaders we think we want or the leaders we get because of our collective consciousness? Are we ready for leaders to lead us through inspiration and true guidance? Are we ready to trust in our own inner authority and not continue to abdicate it to external power figures?

Contemplating Inner Peace

As we look out on the world stage, I wonder what kind of leaders we do have. What is presented to us is this package of truth, half-truths, and untruths. It’s difficult, perhaps even impossible, for the mind to discern what is truly going on. Social media can so easily sway our attention, calling us to different sides, and strategically pulling our energy and focus a certain way. What we see these days is easily, and has been proven, to be manipulated.

How do we move forward? We align with our own trajectory and live the life we are here to live, one decision at a time. Relaxing the mind goes a long way to sink deeply into our centre and we can begin to dwell in inner peace, more and more each day.