Do *This* to Feel Lighter in Every Way

Do you feel heavy? Physically, emotionally, energetically? Is losing weight one of your new year intentions? Apparently, by mid January, a majority of people have fallen off the wagon with their resolutions. The problem is most people are not addressing the root of what they want to fix. Want to feel lighter? Read on.

Why do we Struggle with Weight?

We have an idea of the perfect weight is for ourselves and probably for others too. Maybe it’s a range. A clothing size. Or “5 pounds lighter.”  The question of weight is a complex, often emotionally-charged, and political. Whether it is to weigh less or more, our desire comes from a place of lack. How we deal with it brings up issues of congruence, our ability to voice our needs, our sense of self…

The overculture most of us live in tells us what is attractive and what is not. Our ideals of the perfect human form change over time. Our exposure to these ideals, however, has intensified with our 24/7 media. They can be seen everywhere, from obvious to very subtle messaging. From clothing and car advertisements, parents, doctors, dating experiences, protein bars and detox teas…All these anchors.

Maybe we feel that we would have more energy, more friends, more success, more money … if only we weighed less, if only we weighed more.  Women can fluctuate 10 pounds in a month because of our cycles and yet how we feel on a particular day, in a particular outfit, can be affected by which day of the month we are at. We are complex beings.

The idea of trauma being passed down the generations has quite recently become more widely accepted. This is a topic, along with the need for resilience, that is openly talked about. Before, it was more taboo and people hid what they saw as weaknesses. Some people use weight to feel grounded, to feel safe, as a wall against the world. To feel like they matter, have a physical presence. To feel simultaneously visible and invisible.

Is it any wonder that so many people struggle with weight? It takes a person with a strong centre and internal compass to buck external impositions. Or even to recognize the playing field is uneven. Thankfully, being comfortable in our own skin, living our unique rainbow vibrational signature, is so much more the “normal” we are all forging ahead for.

Whatever your physical weight is, we can all feel lighter, can’t we?

Caroline Myss on Weight and Wait

Don’t you love a play on words? Words that sound the same with different meanings are called homophones. (“Homo” for the same, like we are homo sapiens.)

Our psychic weight is correlational to the length of our wait to make things happen in life. This is the “the dense energy content of your memories, history, attitudes, beliefs, and life experiences.” It’s our our addictions. Addictions to substances, self-pity, judging others, being self-critical, exercise or some attitude. We have addictions of the broken heart, of power and ego, of being in a group psyche.

When we have unfinished business, we harbour resentment, guilt, shame, bitterness, and other low-vibrational emotions. This is the story we carry, the story we tell ourselves and others. And biography becomes biology. These are anchors that keep us in the past, rather than fully in spirit in the present.

All your psychic, emotional, and mental unfinished business adds to the density of the weight that you carry in your energy field. And the more weight you carry, the longer you have to wait for change to occur in your life.
Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts

30 Day Practice to Release and Feel Ligher photo by erik-brolin

Try this 30-Day Practice

Every day, for 30 days, begin your day with “I release…”

“I release control.”

“I release my pain.”

“I release my need to be right.”

“I release my attachment to my identity of …”

“I release my weaknesses and I release my strengths.”

“I release my definition of failure and my definition of success.”

It may sound like a mental cerebral exercise. Initially it probably feels like that. Relinquish control over the process and outcome of this practice. Allow the words to spontaneously emerge, or erupt. Spend as long as you like, allowing time to sit with how you feel.

When I was doing this “I release” practice, I used it as a meditation, focusing on my deepening my breath and holding each of my fingers to harmonize all my 144,000 pathways and energy-meridians at the same time. With the breath and Jin Shin Jyutsu, I am also releasing other energetic and physical blockages. Optimal energy flow helps us all to feel lighter!