Conscious Gifts Ideas

Gifts are a great way to show those you love that you care. Gifts are a token of appreciation. When these are conscious gifts, we are also showing our gratitude for the environment, the makers, and our health.

For this year, I’ve put together a list of experiences, symbolic jewelry, online courses, books, and other ideas that may change someone’s life. Let’s buy more consciously, aiming to reduce/offset our carbon footprint and look at fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable options.

Uncovering Your Desires

I’ve been a fan of the #DesireMap by Danielle Laporte since the first days. I still go back to my copy; in fact, I’m doing it now as I wrap up 2016, which is the last year in a 9-year cycle, and meditating on my intentions for the new year and the new cycle.

The #DesireMap is all about our core feelings. It’s about how we want to feel. Sometimes we make pretty bad decisions – we overspend on things we don’t need or want – because we needed and wanted to feel a certain way. We buy that dress or those shoes because we feel like rockstars in them. Or we buy that book because we feel we need more information, to feel safe. Or we have that relationship because we want to intimacy.

It’s important to recognize and understand what we want to feel. Clarity. And go from there. With full awareness so when we are feeling low, we make healthier choices to feel better.  #PowerOfChoice. Knowing what we want to feel is fuel for doing what you love.

Desire Map Life Areas


If you love the Desire Map, would you love to facilitate it? Maybe this is the next step. Maybe you are already a coach, or thinking about being one.

The licensing program gives you access to a whole community and the entire Desire Map curriculum in workshop, retreat, and coaching outlines.

You can create your own in-person or virtual events, that get posted on the Danielle LaPorte website. Plus lots of bonuses. The full details for the Desire Map licensing program can be found here

The first time I heard of Danielle was her Fire Starter Sessions. It was the audio book. Now it is available as 16 daily emails with 16 audio sessions and 19 worksheets. This is great if you are shifting from a job to being your own boss and to reignite the fire to take your business to the next level. This is a digital product that you can go back again and again.

I am a big fan and some of her other products I have myself that I recommend are the Daily Planner ($44USD) and the #TruthBomb decks. ($34USD for each deck or $63USD for both). I include a card with gifts and I give them to participants in workshops I run.
Danielle LaPorte TruthBomb Decks 2016-decks-vol-2-600x600-3

Each deck is 134 heavy stock cards with soy ink printing and gold foil. They are pretty awesome! You can draw one each morning for that day’s inspiration, message, or reminder. Some people do spreads with them. Or you can gift them to friends.

(What Therapy is an affiliate of Danielle LaPorte. We feel that her philosophy and her offerings align with our ethos. It doesn’t cost more for you when you purchase and What Therapy earns a small commission, which supports our work. Thank you.)

Energized Jewelry

Metatron Cube Ka Gold Jewelry

David Weitzman of Ka Gold Jewelry creates beautiful bespoke designs. He uses his knowledge in the Kabbalah, astrology, sacred geometry, Egyptian wisdom, Jewish tradition, Tibetan Buddhism, and other concepts to anchor the symbology in his rings, pendants, and bracelets. His jewelry are beautiful, and solid. (FYI I do have a couple myself and I LOVE them).

Beautiful Clean Makeup

For those who LOVE makeup, here are some healthier choices.
I have been a fan of RMS since discovering it at The Naturally Better Company. These Lip Shines come in glass pots and the ingredients are raw food grade organic. Rated by the EWG USA as the Safest Cosmetic Line.

My latest addition (also from The Naturally Better Company) is this beautiful Limited Edition holi(Rose) N°4 deodorant by Agent Nateur and Shiva Rose. Lemon and peppermint essential oil blends are great…and functional. This, this is special. Sandalwood. Rose. N°4 represents patience, trust, honesty, and integrity. Not only is this creation meaningful, it is also healthy – non-GMO, pesticide-free, and only food-grade ingredients (Organic coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, sunflower butter, avocado butter, castor oil, rose essential oil, and sandalwood essential oil). If you are not so keen on Rose, try holi(stick) N°3

For Our Animal Friends

For our animal friends, we love Through the Dog’s Ear products (music to soothe our friends) and West Coast Paw Designs. They use recycled plastic bottles to make the beds and even some toys. Opting for recycled/upcycled materials makes these products conscious gifts that are healthy for your pets and the environment. This is called the Intelliloft Stuffing and Fabric. Their model is eco-friendly and sustainable. We still have the Hurley Bone toy, years on.

We are bombarded by advertisements online and offline. Sometimes there are so many choices that we struggle with analysis paralysis. This makes our consumer choices that much more important. We vote for the lifestyle we want every time we buy. So why not make these conscious gifts? We can show a token of appreciation for those we care for, the environment, the makers, and our health.