Anger & The Map of Consciousness

Where does Anger sit on the Map of Consciousness?

The Map of Consciousness, created by David R Hawkins (1927 – 2012), has been a pivotal and impactful mark on my self-awareness journey. I read his book Power vs Force at a time when I was beginning to shift from a more homogenized self and the questioning of my life deepened and became more of a central focus. I come back to his work, including the Map of Consciousness from time to time, as my reflection calls.

First introduced in Power vs Force, the Map of Consciousness is David Hawkin’s work over a span of two decades and over 250,000 calibrations. Made of logarithmic levels from 0 to 1000, it is a scale reflecting levels of consciousness. The fulcrum lies with Courage (200), the level between falsehood and truth and between force and power. If you haven’t read the book, I invite you to spend some time with it. The concepts of power and force alone can be transformative.

One of the fundamental ideas I learned was that how we show up has an exponential effect on the world. Of course we already know we impact each other, whether it is correct or not. From a consciousness viewpoint, David R Hawkins suggested that one person with a consciousness above 200 can offset the disharmony and chaos associated with that below 200. A single person at 300 counterbalances 90,000 people below 200, one person at 500 counterbalances 750,000 below 200, and one person at 700 counterbalances 70 million people below 200. 310 is Willingness, 500 is Love, and 700 – 1,000 is Enlightenment.

What does it take to counterbalance humankind’s collective negativity? One person at 1,000.

Anger & Map of Consciousness

Anger & Liver and Gall Bladder connection

Here we are looking at anger, as part of the Spring article series. According to the 24 Solar Terms or the Chinese solar calendar, Li Chun or “the Beginning of Spring” is usually in the first few days of February. In 2022, it is February 4. In Chinese philosophy and the Movement of Five Elements, Spring relates to anger and I wanted to explore this emotion, attitude, and consciousness level through the lens of this map that so many people now work with.

We may find anger surfacing more strongly this time of the year. Perhaps this past Winter, we retreated into our inner self and undergone the journey into the underworld. Now we are waking up from our winter slumber and inner reflection and awakening to a world that may be shocking for many. Or to combat winter blues and institutionalized isolation, someone may have been drowning these strong emotions at the bottom of a bottle. Systematic breakdown and politicized health are also highlighting even more acutely disparities across the board. These past two years has been an incredible strain on mental health, which remains taboo.

Our general modern diet, laden with pesticides, additives, colourings, and other chemicals is also hard on our liver. When our liver and gall bladder energy flow is disrupted, we may experience more anger. We may hold more anger simply because our organ function energies are out of balance.

It goes the other way as well; anger can imbalance the liver and gall bladder function energies. The egg and the chicken question. Which came first? Does it matter? Especially given so many people hold ancestral and generational anger in their DNA.

Anger on the Map of Consciousness

The majority of the world measures below 200, the fulcrum point at which falsehood becomes truth. Other levels below Courage (200) are: Shame (20), Guilt (30), Apathy (50), Grief (75), Fear (100), Desire (125), and Pride (175).

Anger sits at 150 on the Map of Consciousness. A person with their consciousness at this level predominately feels anger, resentment, and bitterness. They see life as antagonistic and uses aggression to process. In this zone with Desire, Anger, and Pride, a person identifies with the body, defers to outside authority, attempts to meet others’ expectations, needs external validation, and experiences poor health.

As we move up the levels of consciousness, we also gain more energy and less resistance. While Anger is still below Courage, it is much higher energetically than Shame and Fear. There is movement with anger and energy to propel ourselves further. O not. It can be easy to just stay angry, to continue seeing our desires being unfulfilled and the world as unjust. Anger can redden our vision with rage and revenge becomes their goal.

We feel anger when someone or something crosses our boundaries, and when someone or something violates us in some way. It is fear that it will happen again, that we are not sovereign. Beneath anger often lies sorrow. How we feel is absolutely valid. It’s our experience. The question is – where we do we want to go from here.

The Human Design Lens

Human Design recognizes four aura types – Manifestor, Generator/Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Each has a different aura that sets them apart and helps them play their unique role. The sacral beings, Generators and Manifesting Generators, make up he majority of the world. As we can see, most of the world live as a very conditioned version of themselves. Tremendous conditioning and homogenizing forces continuously pull us this or that way. We make decisions with the mind and often, to relieve tremendous pressures we feel to survive in this world. To do this, to be that…

True, if the Generators and Manifesting Generators awaken to who they are, the world will be a very different place, given that they make up 3/4 of the world’s population. They are here to respond; however, they’ve been conditioned to initiate, rather than trust that the universe comes to them, for them to respond to. Their fulfilment is feeling satisfied; instead the world is full of their frequency of frustration.

David Hawkins has said that moving up levels of consciousness in a lifetime is very difficult. I wonder though how much can we shift if we learn to make decisions not from our mind, and with our body. Human Design provides a framework, a map, and a language for us to explore. Below I’m going to look at Manifestors and Projectors. This is not to say that Manifestors and Projectors calibrate low on the Map of Consciousness. Or that the other aura types do not experience anger or bitterness. I focus on them only because I’m delving into anger through a couple of lenses, as part of the Spring article series and anger and bitterness is their not-self themes.

Manifestor Anger

Manifestors are designed to initiate, the only aura type truly here to do so. Most people are here to respond, rather than initiate. With less than 10% of the world’s population being Manifestors, they are often misunderstood, even as most people are conditioned to be doers, like them. Their qualities can make them unwelcome and others uncomfortable. Their aura is closed and repelling, designed to clear the way for them. When they don’t inform those they will be impacting, they meet with great resistance from others and experience confusion, rage, accommodation, or anger, depending on their conditioning. These are expressions of suppressing who they are and what they are here to do.

If you are a Manifestor, you are likely holding a lot of anger and rage, even if you may not quite recognize it as such. You may have a deep fear of being controlled. Perhaps you respond by rebelling, and doing something oppositional to prove a point rather than doing it because it’s what you desire. Anger is also a frequency that you may not realize you are emitting.

The key is to inform the people you will be impacting. This diffuses the potentially difficult auric interaction that can occur when people move into a defensive or protective mode encountering a repelling aura. Informing is by no means asking for permission. Through informing, others may surprise Manifestors with their support, even though they do not need others like other aura types.

Projector Bitterness

The Projector is another aura type and being about 20% of the world’s population, Projectors are also a minority and a new energy type. With their penetrating aura, their role is to guide the energy of Manifestors and Generators. However, they must be formally invited to do so. This means they must first be recognized. They also need to know that their guidance is not for everyone. The problem comes when they seek recognition and are not receiving it. No doubt, Projectors are always seen; what’s seen however isn’t always their true self. They may be desperate to get a job or a client that they are not waiting for that invitation. Or they feel what they have to offer is so transformative that they want everyone to receive their guidance. Others also feel this not-self push and their not-self initiation energy and resist. As a result, Projectors experience bitterness.

Projectors must first recognize themselves before others recognize who they really are.

If you are wondering whether you are a Manifestor or Projector, you can get your free chart at Jovian Archive. The information about Human Design and these aura types offered has been brief and superficial. You can gain much more insight from seeing your entire bodygraph. As a Manifesting Generator with many projected channels, I also benefit from understanding the concept of waiting for the invitation. If you would like an intro reading, please do contact me. I also include Human Design, along with Jin Shin Jyutsu and HeartMath in my coaching sessions. If you would like a full reading, check out OceanWave Human Design.

As a human species, we hold a lot of anger in our DNA. There has been a lot of struggle, conflict, warfare, and other wounding experiences. Let us also remember the light in our DNA and all those experiences of love, compassion, art, and beauty. Remember also everyone who’s raising their level of consciousness and through each person, we bring light and love to the shame, guilt, and regret that exist in every ancestral line. Maybe David Hawkins is right, that it’s challenging or even impossible for most people to jump up one or more levels on the Map of Consciousness. The more important question is – what do you believe?