23, the Controller of Destiny

Kidney energy is said to relate to our destiny. With the arrival of Winter which corresponds with Kidney and Bladder energy, the topic of destiny is an apt one for contemplation. Many of us have probably given it more than a cursory thought these past 20+ months, as the world has so visibly changed. For some people life looked more or less like a straight line, a matter of unfolding.

We look at destiny, through the lens of Jin Shin Jyutsu, a modality that awakens our innate awareness and helps us stay connected to Source.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, we work with 26 energy spheres on each side of the body. Each of them has a name, a role, and a function. Each of the level of densification of energy, from spirit to matter, relates to different energy spheres. The Kidney energy and Winter are of the fourth level or what we call Fourth Depth and the only energy sphere that lives here is #23. Its role is the maintenance of proper circulation.

The Fourth Depth relates to ages 46 to 60 and is about the potential we bring into life. This relates to what Chinese medicine and cosmology calls pre-natal qi, what we have inherited from our ancestors. Imprinted is our life journey, and also our destiny. It is also our inner wisdom and the courage we already have to meet our fears.

#23 is located at the bottom of our ribcage, on the back and maintains proper circulation of our blood, lymph, and emotion. Life is flow, movement, and change. When we become frozen, maybe by fear (which is related to Winter, Kidney, and Fourth Depth), we stagnate. We are not moving toward our destiny. Fear can deplete our energy reserves. We lose life force. Have you been feeling exhausted?

I know the world has been gripped by fear, a lot of it. Our movement has been restricted, our livelihood, if not deemed essential, was threatened, and many have been mandated to be inside, rather than outside, with nature. We have not been regenerating, through restful sleep, joy, passions, community, touch, etc. The living environment has also become toxic for many people.

Is this your destiny?

Kidney energy also relates to Scorpio, the deep waters of this archetype. Do we live as scorpions, stinging what we feel threatened by, when we can only see on the ground level? Are we soaring above as an eagle? Or rising as the phoenix? These three are metaphors for the growth of the Scorpio archetype. It’s time for all of us to rise from the ashes of the old world.

If you have felt stagnated or are frozen by fear, I invite you to unthaw. You can place your hands or fingertips on your back, in the kidney area, at the bottom of the ribcage to harmonize this energy sphere. If this is uncomfortable, you can also hold your little or index finger. If you think this is simple, it is. Perhaps we’ve all been overcomplicating everything in life!

Take the time this winter, to sit in your inner stillness, to allow the heart fire to descend and for your kidney energy to rise. Reconnect with what is true for you, trust your body to make the decisions by stilling your mind. We can support the heart fire by holding our little finger. Feel your body let go, sink deeper into your beingness. Feel other people’s expectations or our not-self desires to please other people, at the expense of fulfilling our own potential and destiny, fall away.

Come join me at the hearth of humanity, as we meet as sovereign individuals. Let us enjoy our stew and sweet soup to warm our soul.