Working with Your Inner Dragons – Part 3

In the first installation of the series Working with Your Inner Dragons, we looked at them as archetypes from Caroline Myss’ teachings. In the second article, we introduced the acupuncture treatment of Internal Dragons to restore our spirit. In this final article, we look at Earth’s inner dragons and leylines and how working with them we can raise our consciousness.


Pyramids by stijn te strake
Photo by Stijn te Strake

Dragon Lines, Leylines, and Powerspot

Leylines are the earth’s meridians that carry the magnetic field. They are also called Dragon Lines. The ancient belief is that Earth Dragons resided in the mountains and used these energy lines to travel on. Animals including birds and bees also use these magnetic lines as a compass to navigate.

The Dragons are believed to be high-dimensional beings who reside in the Inner Earth realm. They are guardians of the planet and wisdom keepers. Soluntra King writes extensively about these multi-dimensional beings who started returning to their homes on Draco, Wega, Altair, and Ophiuchus as we began to awaken to the new earth.

They first came when earth was young and along with the Serpents, connected the crystals within to form the crystalline grid, one of the many grids around the planet. She also shares about the Dragon eggs being deposited around the planet, from mountaintops to valleys and oceans. They hold starmaps to integrate the new earth codes and bridge the old and new.

Where Dragon Lines meet are vortices and power spots, marked by ponds, springs, and hills. At these Dragon Lairs and cosmic doorways, many significant structures, from Avebury and Standing Stones to temples, have been built. At the Avebury Henge, 12 leylines meet, one of which is the Michael and Mary Leyline. This is one of the most famous leylines and it runs across England. In the region around the prehistoric sites of Avebury and Stonehenge in the UK, we find an abundance of crop circles.

We can see the earth, much like our human body, as a vast system of leylines or meridians. How do we allow the energy to naturally flow through these meridians for planetary and therefore our health?

The Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent is the female aspect that intertwines with the male aspect, the Plumed Serpent.  This female energy current links up the earth’s chakras. Depending on your lineage, the Rainbow Serpent is the “Kundalini, Holy Ghost, Tao, Ruh, for free, to anyone interested, to help people to reconnect themselves with the Land and their roots.”1

What is Kundalini?


This the time of “unselfing”, the swallowing up of the limited sense of identity into the larger awareness of an Absolute that knows no limits. We realize that this ineffable source, this indefinable reality that has so swiftly torn down all defences and poured into our very selves, is, in fact, all that is, for we are mere indiscernible atoms in this process, and we are humbled by this knowledge.2


Uluru and Kata Tijuta in central Australia are believed to be the planet’s solar plexus chakra, holding the energy of vitality and Dreamtime. Through the Female Great Dragon Leyline all the chakras are connected – Mt Shasta, US (ROOT CHAKRA), Lake Titicaca in South America (SACRAL CHAKRA), and Avebury, Stonehenge, and Glastonbury in the UK (HEART CHAKRA), which is currently conjunct with the third eye chakra, the only one that moves with each age and exists in our consciousness, not the landscape.

The throat chakra is located at the Great Pyramid of Giza and Mt Sinai in Egypt and Mt of Olives, Jerusalem. For the past 13,000 years, the crown chakra has resided in at Mt Kailas, Himalayas and since 2012, it’s moved to the Andes. We have seen a return to mainstream consciousness shamanism from the region.

(Read more about the Earth Chakras from Robert Coon)


Ayuhuasca shows you very clearly the psychological baggage you’ve been carrying your entire life. And you see it as baggage; you no longer see it as an inevitable and inextricable part of yourself. And if you see it as baggage, then you can put it down. […] And all of the interpretations that you’ve made of the world because of early experience can drop away and you can just be in the present. […] The other thing ayuhuasca does is it shows you your full potential as a loving, connected human being.

Dr Gabor Maté, on Ayahuasca and Addiction Treatment


Some intuit the root chakra is in Grand Canyon, the sacral chakra in Machu Picchu, and the third eye chakra in Mount Fuji.

Aside from these major chakras, many more high energetic centres exist. Some are positive and some are negative vortices, including Bermuda Triangle, Bali (INDONESIA), Mt Fuji (JAPAN), Lake Taupo (NEW ZEALAND), Sedona (US), Findhorn (SCOTLAND), Calgary (CANADA), and Maui (US).

Great channels of energy – arteries, pathways of undulating widths – course through Mother Earth, across all borders and boundaries. When we respect and work with these leylines and energies, through raising our own individual consciousness and doing earth work and ceremonies at chakra points, the artificial and the illusion we have created will dissolve.

The discordant voices from the Middle East, our throat chakra, reflect where we are as a whole organism. The throat chakra, in Rudolf Steiner’s Astrogeographia system, is related to the planet Mars. As a warrior, this planet embodies and symbolizes assertive courageous energy.

“The spiritual warrior is ruthless with him- or herself and also in defending the innocent. But the warrior is supremely merciful in that he or she sees the innocence of all experience.” (Almine, Secrets of the Hidden Realms)

The question is – what is the fight for? What is it bringing strength to? It is fair to say that what is being expressed is the shadow side of Mars – anger, violence, frustration, ego. When the Mars’ energy is channelled in its highest octave, we are able to tap into this power to voice the mysteries of the universe and stand with a courageous heart for Truth.

By communicating with the earth’s Dragons we can elevate our own consciousness and activate the light codes. We can connect with them from our inner world, through our heart.


With today’s technology, we now have a lot more electromagnetic radiation and we carry it with us with our phones. This electrosmog affects all of us, whether we are aware of our sensitivity or not. Many gadgets and devices are manufactured for protection against EMF, very few for actual transmutation of the energy.

Can working with Mother Earth be a solution? How can she transmute these energies? Can we discharge these energies like we recharge our crystals by burying them in earth?

The research of BioGeometry found that common to all power and sacred spots is an energy founder Dr Karim has named BG3. This energy consists of three frequencies – higher harmonic of ultraviolet, higher harmonic of gold, and Negative Green (first discovered by Russian researcher Scariatin as an integral part of spiritual energy fields).

Dr Karim found that BioGeometrical shapes also have BG3. BioGeometrical shapes are 2D or 3D shapes designed to produce balancing effects on biological systems on multiple levels when they interact with the earth’s energy fields.

What will it mean if we learn to discern the qualities of energy so we naturally entrain with the biologically healthy and spiritually significant energies?

Biogeometry has a spectrum of tools to harmonize effects of harmful energies without our bodies.  Try colouring this mandala to release electro-stress while flying. We can also connect the energies of power spots, such as those previously mentioned, to raise our vibrations and those of a space.

The Dragon Code

Here is the Dragon Code from Devine Miracles3:
1 :: Little seen, gets more done.
2 :: Look for truth in the heart of hearts
3 :: A lie burns both the liar, and the silent listener.
4 :: Be true to the responsibility of the balance.
5 :: Silence and Magick-both are needed.
6 :: Honor your elders-for they carry important, ancient knowledge.
7 :: Evil gives no forewarning, and no pause for relief.
8 :: Dignity speaks well of a messenger.
9 :: You colour your own light
10 :: What happens to one stone, reflects on all.

We love dragons so much that in 2004 author Donita K. Paul made January 16 “Appreciate a Dragon Day”. Get to know a few dragons here – Top 10 Dragons in Fiction and Dragons from Myth, Folklore and Magick


1 The Rainbow Serpent on [link]
2 How awakening our kundalini energy can help us to realize our true self by Arabella Lumley [link]