Why Global Water Appreciation Day Matters

Global Water Appreciation Day is July 25, 2019. This was created by the late Dr Emoto whose research shows the impact of human consciousness on water. The power of vibrations, intention, and attention – through the spoken and written word – can change water, as seen by the resulting water crystals. Simply put, positive words such as “thank you” created symmetrical crystals while words and phrases such as “you fool” did not form crystals. Or what did form was broken and unbalanced.

As if it wanted to express its joyous feeling, the crystals opened up like a flower.”

Masaru Emoto, The True Power of Water ¹

We are Mostly Water

A neat factoid is that the human body is about 70% water.

You may have experienced this with bloating or swollen ankles. What about weight loss after intense sweat-inducing exercise? Or weight gain that women can experience days before their periods. Anywhere from less than a pound to as much as 10!

As babies, we start with nearly 80% water, by weight. This level drops, with an adult average of 60% in men and 50% in women. Some factors in water percentage include muscle mass and age. Muscles, for example, keep more water than fat.

Some parts of the body have more water. The “wettest” organs include the heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, and liver. What is this water for? We need it for building cells and joint lubrication, for example.

The Water Within

Just as the water in Dr Emoto’s research takes in information so does the water in the human body. What is the quality of information we are providing ourselves? The messages we are programming the water that resides inside our cells, and around our body? Are we living from a survivalist or a abundance mindset? How much are we showing ourselves and others appreciation and gratitude?

When our body is a landscape of simmering anger and apathy, that’s what we resonate with and draw to us. Being positive does not mean denying our emotions. It means to remember we are not at the mercy of external factors. Feeling all the feels is important. Wisdom is knowing how and when to release them, always reaching for the highest octave of possibility.

seascape Global Water Appreciation Day

The Water Inside & Outside

We live on a planet that is mostly water. How clean is this water? Certainly the plastic and trash in our oceans has gotten our attention. We are also more aware of the pollution from manufacturing, demanding better environmental protection laws.

Thanks to organizations such as Charity:Water not only awareness of the need of clean drinking water is heightened, they are actively working to bring it to communities worldwide. Access is not a problem in some faraway or rural places; think American cities. There’s also been a blossoming of ocean cleaning and plastic-alternatives technology and product development. Like this biodegradable plastic made from cactus juice developed by engineer Sandra Pascoe Ortiz.

How did our environment get to this state? Aside from the obvious, such as unregulated industrial development. Our separation from nature has led us to treat the environment and other beings as “less than”, and a resource to extract from to fulfill our needs and desires.

Here’s another thought : we have over-prioritized the linear, analytic, rational, scientific, and seen over the non-linear, intuitive, imaginative, and unseen. We see this as a dominance of the masculine over the feminine. Also, in how we express – or suppress – our emotions. Boys, shamed for showing their emotions. Girls, called hysterical. Thankfully, this too is changing. Heart intelligence, subjective reality, spectrum of personalities, the rise of sacred feminine, and more.

You see, the water element relates to emotions. This element corresponds to winter and kidney and bladder in Chinese Medicine. This begs the question how is our collective fear, especially fear of death, reflected in our wellbeing and emotional harmony.

Our internal waters – our emotions – are stagnant and as we know, stagnant waters become dirty. When we do not acknowledge our emotions or feel ashamed, we are polluting our own bodies. So perhaps we can transform the waters on our planet by having a conscious and respectful relationship with our emotions.

The Importance of Global Water Appreciation Day

Some people may wonder why Global Water Appreciation Day matters. They may think we should be grateful for water every single day. Yes!

Here’s the thing – a day of focused intention galvanizes our energy in a harmonized synergistic way on a desired goal, with the potential to transform consensus reality. Together, we are more than the sum, powerful generators.

Global Water Appreciation Day was created by Dr Emoto, a supporter of the Law of Time. The day he chose is Day Out of Time. This is the day between the end of one planetary year and the beginning of the next one. This calendar is based on the mathematical ratio of 13:20 and the philosophy that time is art. Called Day Out of Time for being in neither moon cycles of either year.

Day Out of Time is celebration, peace, and community. A time to release, a time to invite the creation of new and possibility.

With worldwide events, we can easily join in physically or online to anchor in a new timeline and to show our respect and appreciation for our fellow brothers and sisters and the environment, including the many bodies of water on our planet. Imagine the intention and attention brought forth by a woke human consciousness.

1 The True Power of Water : Healing and Discovering Ourselves by Masaru Emoto. Translated by Noriko Hosoyamada. Atria Books, 2003. p. 13.