What Type of Old Soul Are You?

Are you an old soul? Do you feel you’ve been here before, and you are back just for these times? These are indeed exciting times. More and more of us are awakening to the truth of who we are. As more light is anchored on earth, it is natural to ponder our purpose. Meditating, free writing, journalling, journeying. We all desire meaning and connection. For we know we are more than our physical body and five senses.

Recently a friend shared the story of her father, how he touched the lives of so many people. The way she told it, it was moving, inspirational, and so love-filled. While we may not invent electricity, the telephone, or free energy, just by being love in chaos and light on someone’s dark day is purpose.

In The New Human, Kryon talks about five types of old souls. He presents these in a circle, without hierarchy. Perhaps you will resonate with one or a combo of these types, in your search for purpose and meaning in your life. According to the channel, we are best suited for a different spiritual task based on our Akash – who we were, what we have experienced, our energy, our blueprint… As an old soul, we have had a lot of experiences!

The Five Roles of an Old Soul

1 Akashic Entanglement

When two things are entangled, they remain connected even if they are separated and pulled to the far reaches of the universe. A shared reality is how Kryon describes it.

These old souls are pulled, pushed from the energy from their Akash, so very focused on what they do. From early on, they want to know their purpose and occupy their time thinking about why they are here on Earth, at this time.

They see the beauty and splendour of the other side of the veil, and all they can do is tell about it, write about it, teach it, and be it.” 1

These old souls are assigned 1, which in numerology represents new beginnings. These old souls are always starting, pushing the energy forward. They don’t end anything and may not even look at what they’ve done. They just continue doing what they do, writing, speaking, creating, channelling.

2 Partial Akashic Entanglement

These old souls are similar to the first type. They feel the pull from their Akash though not as strongly. As number 2, they are healers who work with the human body and deal with duality. They often love piecing things together, creating new systems to support people, including the 1s who do push themselves.

type of old soul photo by milan popovic
3 The Meditators

You probably have friends who take to meditation like ducks to water. They can sit for hours, days even with ease. They may be the Meditators, having spent multiple lifetimes as monks perhaps. Their consciousness is steady and in their sittings, they “steady the planet.” 2  An old soul with this role carries such peace that they can help give others a deep sense of calm and relaxation.

types of old souls photo by arief-santoso
4 The Tree Huggers

The Tree Huggers are super connected to the Earth. They talk to plants and whisper to animals. Being in nature is what feels right for them. Through them, our connection to Gaia is strengthened and restored.

5 Anchors

Five is the number of change. Yes, it is this group of old souls making the most change for the most people. This group also consists a higher number of old souls. Their impact comes from compassionate action. So they may not be famous writers or well-known channels reaching masses of people. Anchors are simply going about their lives, walking around, spreading compassion. It’s through compassion that change happens and balance returns.

In the new energy, we are out of linearity and in a quantum state. While we may have our own niches, reflecting our past lessons and mastery, there is no hierarchy of importance in these five roles. It’s a circle, a team, a system working together to anchor heaven on earth. The energy and work of each supports the others in this circle.

Perhaps this will help you find your purpose, even if that purpose doesn’t look like what you may have imagined it to be. Purpose does not need for us to be on the world stage, writing best-selling spiritual books, pulling in massive numbers of people…It is to fulfill the spiritual tasks you had set for yourself before reincarnating for these times.

As an old soul, you may have already heard the clarion call.

1 The New Human : The Evolution of Humanity. By Lee Carroll. The Kryon Writings Inc. San Diego, 2017. p 225.

2 Ibid. p 228.