What is Quantum Resonance Technology? Here are my favourite ones

We use the word “quantum” quite a bit these days so here I am introducing quantum resonance technology to you and how it is future medicine now. What is it?

Subtle Energy Sciences provides a new form of energy technology they have called “Quantum Resonance Technology.” They use digital images, audio, and video to broadcast vibrations and information from electronic devices, such as our mobile phone. What we experience is subtle energy. While conventional electromagnetic instruments available to us cannot currently directly measure this form of energy, its effects can be measured on living organisms. We can feel it.

If you are interested, some books to explore include Life Force by Dr Claude Swanson and The Basic Code of the Universe by Dr Massimo Citro.

Eric Thompson, the founder of Subtle Energy Sciences, has shared that approximately 20% of people cannot feel the effects, unless it’s amplified. All the products are easily amplified and many products come in “normal” and “strong” versions as well. By the way, their products come with a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Currently 49 products are available. This is a fraction of the 300+ Eric has envisioned and created over the last decade. His desire is to offer subtle energy products for well-being, health, performance, spiritual development, and free energy.

While the process is proprietary, the three steps are:

  • Digitally capturing the quantum signature of a substance, intention, geometry or state of consciousness
  • Amplifying the signature thousands and millions times
  • Encoding the amplified energetic signature into a digital media

Choosing your Quantum Resonance TEch product

With nearly 50 products on offer, many people wonder what to choose, at least to start with. First you can look at the categories for what you are looking to harmonize, enhance, or support:

You can also scroll through the products alphabetically and see which ones jump out at you.

I started with the acupuncture/meridian series years ago and with Subtle Energy, the first ones I got were Digital CBD and Immune Boost with Shungite, which I believed has been replaced by Protocol Immunity.

I now have a small collection. My sister also has a few, including Marine Phytoplankton. I love its audio – so relaxing. Some of the ones I have, such as Quantum Shen, include silent audios which I just leave on. For people who would like to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis and are over 21, try the Digital Cannabis!

Here’s how I’ve been using Quantum Technology and some of the ones I do have.

Digital CBD

I used this extensively with my dog Abby. At around age 14, she developed seizures which in the next year became more frequent. Her homeopathic vet prescribed her remedies and I gave her more regular Jin Shin, something she never really resonated with before, unlike my other dog Lou, my Jin Shin dog. Then I got the Digital CBD which I printed out several copies and would have on my phone. While Digital CBD wasn’t the only thing I used, it was part of the a protocol that helped me manage her seizures. Her episodes were shorter and less frequent.

From the website:

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa). It does not cause a “high” effect and can offer relief from certain conditions.

  • Relieves Some Types of Pain and Inflammation
  • Has Antipsychotic Effects
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Helps to Fight Cancer
  • Relieves Nausea
  • May Treat Seizures and Other Neurological Disorders
  • Lowers Incidence of Diabetes
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Digital Cannabis (from the website) :

This signature cannabis app is sourced from a hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This is a very relaxing and stress melting, non-addictive signature without any of the negative effects of the physical substance. The energetic signature of cannabis carries the essence of cannabis. 

Golden Proportion

I have a few copies of Golden Proportion printed and kept in living spaces, my own room, and my dad’s room. I have a copy now on my mantle. It gives me a feeling of connection and harmony, especially when in manmade structures. When you understand how we re built from the Golden Ratio, and how much of our external world is not built with it, you’ll see why this subtle energy is so very important.

I think Golden Proportion is a breakthrough, here’s why : 1) enhanced perception of physical sensation and sensory input. I am able to notice more about things that are arising than I could before, 2) even though GP is pleasant and warm and stuff, it is non-invasive and does not intrude in actual events, 3) a tangible sense of being in a cosmic groove or “place” in the universe and that it’s ok even if at times feeling good or at times feeling not good.

Scott Marshall

Allergy Relief

I purchased the Allergy Relief mandala last year for my partner who reported positive feedback. Some of the testimonials include having their allergy-congested nasal passages instantly clearing up, the ability to sleep longer, and general easier breathing. I suggest combining this with Digital Detox or perhaps the Glutathione which supports cellular health and Virtual Oxygen Therapy or Marine Phytoplankton (see below).

Marine PHytoplankton

I love Marine Phytoplankton, which has been called the most important plant in the world since it feeds marine life and provides almost all of our oxygen. This means it provides both detoxifying and oxygenating effects for us. Read more about this amazing resource we have with Marine Phytoplankton.

Since discovering Eric’s quantum technology work, I’ve purchased a small library for myself and have introduced it to my family, friends, and clients. Even before I became an affiliate. Any purchases you make through my links gives me a commission, which I appreciate and use for the operation of What Therapy. I invite you to explore this technology and enjoy the 40% sale that is on through December 1 2021.