What can We Learn in Leo Season?

The Sun moves into Leo July 22. Leo season begins and whether you have any of the major 3 (Sun, Moon, and Ascendent) in Leo, it’s time to listen up. Each zodiac sign is an archetype and has a message for all of us.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is vital energy, boldness, action, courage, and generosity. As a fire sign, along with Aries and Sagittarius, this is a passionate, powerful, and creative energy. With the Sun’s energy being triadic, Leo is ruled by our physical Sun, Heart of the Sun, and the Central Spiritual Sun. The journey includes three initiations – learning we are more than a physical body; growing beyond base emotions to embodying the desire to assist humanity; and being directed by the soul. The Sun, Neptune, and Uranus rules these initiations.

Born leaders, Leos have an indelible presence. They don’t need to command high positions at work or in society. It’s about being the star in your own life. We do however associate leaders, fathers, and kings with the sign of Leo, though it’s really beyond gender. They can rule with ego, pride, and an iron fist. Also wisdom, warmth, empathy, right-action, compassion, and soul-strength. They may dominate others with their magnificent and magnetic personality, always seeking the stage and pulling attention onto themselves. Until it isn’t, it’s mostly binary.

Leos have a reputation of loving the spotlight, which can be drama, flash, showmanship. Leo natives can be rather “me, me, me”. They come alive on stage.

That is, until they discover their desire to illume and radiate, like the Sun. They are here to be who they are in the fullest sense. To others, they may appear to be selfish. Are they? The fierceness of Leo is not against other people, defending their own kingdom or living through ego-will. It is dedication to love, to bravely choosing love and to live from the heart.

Questions to Ponder in Leo Season

  • What is your perspective of and relationship with power?
  • How do you work with people on your team as team leader?
  • What are your favourite ways to express your creativity?
  • How do you honour your sensuality? The Queen and King within?
  • What is your relationship with your father? What does father mean to you and how are you as a father/father figure/father energy?
  • How do you define courage? Do you see yourself as brave?

Cancer Season to Leo Season

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer season that preceded Leo season invited us to reflect and go inward. This watery time, especially given what’s going on globally, was challenging for many people. We’ve been staying at home, facing all that arose, and Cancer season can feel even more isolating and confining.

Now with the Sun shining brightly in its home zodiac sign, there is a sense of brightness and warmth. A call to action. This energy needs to be expressed and moved. Drama may also intensify so be present to what gets triggered. We are here to be us, and part of that is self-mastery. Not being dictated by others, not falling for any divide-and-conquer tactics… This Leo season is calling all of us to be creative as we build the New, be brave and choose love and the most elevated state of being accessible, and value who we are.