Wellness R&R Ideas for Last Minute Holiday Plans

Yoga Photo by Aral Tasher  wellness R&R ideas
Yoga Photo by Aral Tasher

Sometimes plans fall through. Maybe you’re feeling ticked off and quite upset, especially if you’ve been looking forward to it. What to do? Make new plans, of course! We’ve got some wellness R&R ideas for you.

Home Yoga Retreat


Set up a room or part of a room as your yoga retreat sanctuary. Sign up for online yoga classes with platforms such as Cody (choose individual plans based on the teachers you want to learn from), Yogaglo ($15/month for unlimited access; try their free 15 day trial), and Udaya ($12/month; 50% off for 6 month memberships). Or try Udaya’s The Ultimate Yogi for a 108-day journey.

Add on green smoothies. Get it delivered by LINS Smoodees in Singapore, Melu Juice in Vancouver, Pressed Juicery across California, New York, Honolulu, and Seattle.

Digital Detox

Digital Detox for wellness R&R ideas


We live in an electrosmog bubble. Wifi is convenient but convenience has its downside. It’s always a good idea to remove all electronics from  your sleeping area and off the router for the night, when your body is resting, healing, and rejuvenating.

Take a few hours each day for a digital-free zone. Handwrite a note to catch up with your friends. Kick back with a book. Listen to vinyl. Get (real) face time with friends. Or better yet, go analogue for a day each week.

Stopping disruptions from emails, WhatsApp chats, social media allows us to step back from multitasking and losing energy from constant distractions. Staying off FB is an interesting experiment to see what your “natural” feed looks like.

Remember electronics are not accessories, but equipment to make life easier (and not disappear it). For most people, some planning is required. Once you set these boundaries, it’ll be easier to keep a healthy balance.

Mini Silent Retreat

The world is a noisy place. When was the last time you experienced silence? True silence. No humming from electronics. No neighbour practicing the piano. Just pure golden silence. Do you remember it?

Why is silence important?

It takes energy to process all the signals coming in. We can be consciously distracted and subconsciously diffused, irritated for “no apparent reason.”  Our monkey brain reflects how difficult it is for us to quiet our minds, following our thoughts, cycling through them. Once we quiet our mind, we are more acutely aware of our inner world. Without outside interference, we can hear the messages from our body and our emotions.

Perhaps you don’t have time to schedule in a silent retreat last minute…or maybe you do?

If you don’t, take at least 24 hours for your own silent retreat. Tell your friends and family ahead of time, because silence means no conversations. Avoid other distractions, like reading, watching TV, or catching up on work. Spend some time in meditation. Take epsom salt baths. It’s about slowing down and letting go, letting go of all the doing and thinking. Just be. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the silence.


Many people lead a sedentary life, indoors. In a cubicle or an open plan. At their laptop in a co-working space or a coffee house. In air conditioned or heated office. Inside glass, concrete, and steel, high above the ground, cut off from the earth’s beneficial radiation.

We need more movement. Movement, not necessarily exercise. Running barefoot through forest trails. Seeing expanses of greens, blues, yellows (or white this time of the year). Breathing oxygen, straight from the trees. #ForestBathing.

Get outside for your R&R. Energy begets energy. If you are looking to relax and de-stress, go for a hike instead of sitting in front of the TV or video games. Try snowshoeing or hut hiking. Go make some snow angels. Have fun. Dance. Play, for the sake of playing.


VIRTUAL OXYGEN THERAPY is a unique technology that combines energy medicine with innovative digital media developed by Subtle Energy Sciences founder Eric W Thompson. VIRTUAL OXYGEN THERAPY broadcasts the amplified energetic signature of pure oxygen through your electronic devices to support increased oxygen flow in the brain and body.

Simply open the VIRTUAL OXYGEN THERAPY digital file (in audio, video or picture file format, whichever format best suits your needs), and these energetically encoded digital files will automatically transmit the amplified energetic wave pattern of oxygen through your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Spa Day

Facial What Therapy for wellness R&R ideas


Massage and facial both increase circulation. For many people, it’s the “me-time” that is even more important. This holiday season, be sure to put yourself first, set healthy boundaries, and take care of your needs and desires, so your cup runneth full.

It’s easy to make your own organic mask or book in for a rejuvenating organic facial and massage, like this deep cleansing mud mask from Wellness Mama. If you prefer you can buy masks or enjoy a session, try Bud Cosmetics, Pure Tincture, Therapeutics Aroma, or The Naturally Better Company in Singapore for their services using organic products. Booking a facial and/more massage when you travel can alleviate jet lag as well.

If you are not a massage or facial kinda person, turn your bathroom into a spa experience with beautiful candles and scents. Throw some epsom salt in the bath for detoxing. Or add beautiful oils such as the Mugwort Moon Magic from Flower Essence Services. (use this code for 10% off – CIR821)

Take advantage of your plans falling through and give yourself some “me-time” and enjoy the “slow” and “non-utilitarian” this holiday to get R&R and back to yourself. Indulge in your desires and core feelings. Is it time to check out Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte?

Check out these wellness R&R ideas to get a boost to your holiday this year.