Wednesdays @ Tras

WEDNESDAYS @ TRAS is a series of 4 evening talks held at Pure Tincture at 68 Tras Street, Singapore. Each talk starts at 7.30PM and offers both theoretical and practical information, giving our guests takeaways they can implement right away. Sharing practical and accessible tools and techniques is important to us, as well as sparking new ideas of how we can all live with more presence, ease, and fulfillment.

Sandra Shih on Jin Shin Jyutsu Health and Wellness Talk Singapore 2016

APRIL 22 2016

In this talk, What Therapy Editor and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner Sandra Shih Tonkinson will share how the power of healing is right in our very hands. Jin Shin Jyutsu is said to predate the Buddha and draws on the innate powers of healing that each of us possesses. It is an art to harmonize the body, by releasing energetic blockages and stagnation that can happen due to lifestyle choices and attitudes such as anger, worry, fear, grief, and trying.

Sandra offers one-on-one energy work and coaching sessions and workshops, including Gratitude in Motion, The Story of 9, and Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help.

MAY 28 2016

Grinberg Method Practitioner Nicole Gilg-Geymayer will explain what Grinberg Method is and how paying closer attention to our body, the breath, and how we are feeling are powerful ways to wellness and freedom.

Nicole works with clients with a variety of health challenges, some more physical than others. By seeing the client as a whole person, Nicole delves more deeply using clues shown in the body.

Nicole offers sessions and movement-based workshops.

Nicole Gilg-Geymayer Grinberg Method Talk Singapore 2016

SiewFan Wong of Gallery Helios tapping talk Singapore 2016

JUNE 29 2016

Deep-dive coach and co-founder of Gallery Helios Siewfan Wong will explain the importance of working with our emotions, rather than suppressing them.

One technique she often uses with her clients is tapping, which activates several meridian points in the body. Tapping can bring down the emotional intensity rather quickly, giving people more access to how they feel, unclouded by the emotional charge.

JULY 20 2016

Our overall wellbeing, including our skin, is affected by gut health. Naturopathic Physician Dr Taylor Bean has seen poor gut health in many of her clients and has worked with them to recover their health. In this talk, Dr Bean will address gut health and how it is related to skin conditions. Dr Taylor Bean is based in Singapore at City Osteopathics (Guthrie House) and in the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada.

Dr Taylor Bean Naturopathic Physician Skin and Gut Health 2016