Virgo Full Moon – Stepping OUt of the Way and Onto Our Path

We have a Virgo Full Moon on March 9 2020 (4:47 PM UTC). First of three super moons. Mercury is also stationing direct in Aquarius, about 10 hours afterwards. With Virgo being ruled by Mercury and its move out of Pisces (temporarily), we will enjoy a bit more ease with communications, with new information becoming available.

It is time to be clearer about what arose with last month’s Full Moon in Leo and to address any imbalances between work and health. What in our daily life needs a minor adjustment to come into alignment? We can also look back to what we seeded the recent New Moon in Pisces and the New Moon in Virgo August 2019.

The focus on your internal processes continues, however, with some potent astrological aspects that can leave many people feeling conflicted and emotionally heavy. Fuller aspects of what is true will be revealed when Mercury leaves the shadow period March 29. So be okay with these shifting times – practice forgiveness, gratitude, and Ho’oponopono.

Virgo, Briefly

A mutable earth sign, Virgo’s energy is flexible, changeable, and resourceful and it’s about manifesting on the earth plane. Earth signs are receptive, sensitive to their environment and being a mutable sign, Virgo is adaptable to its surrounding frequencies.

Like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Unlike Gemini, which expresses externally, Virgo internalizes. An airy planet, Mercury rules the mind, intellect, and communications. Through Virgo, Mercury’s energy is systemic and grounded, focused on what is practical.

Virgos’ mission in life is the purification of their activity in pursuit of their goals, manifesting their inherent love of excellence in all strivings.

Time Passages

Virgo rules the Sixth House, which is about health and service to others. It is also about mastery over obstacles. So how can we be in service to others, gaining mastery? First, it is important not to buy into collective fear and panic, which ratchets up as each person adds to it.

Virgo Rulership

Virgo rules the digestive system and the nervous system, plus the Sixth House of health. Its energy is also about assimilation. When in flow, Virgos’ gut feelings are spot on about their health.

We now know the importance of the gut to our overall health. While our gut flora and microbiome are robust, imbalance can occur due to antibiotic use, incomplete digestion, and inappropriate diet, for example. Found in our gut is also an abundance of cells of our immune system.

One simple way to enjoy greater health is fasting on new and full moons.

Eastern philosophy also sees a relationship between emotion and organ. According to Jin Shin Jyutsu, the five attitudes can imbalance our organ energy functions. Relating to the digestive system, we have the correspondences between worry and stomach and spleen, pushing/trying and small intestine, grief and large intestine, and anger with liver and gall bladder .

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Suggestions :

  • Hold each of your fingers for three breaths. Start with one hand, then place your palms together for three breaths then hold the fingers of the other hand for three breaths each. End this practice of 36 breaths with three breaths with your palms together.
  • Hold the finger you feel called to, detailing each part of the finger. Take this time to connect with your beingness in a meditative state.
  • Virgo corresponds with the Small Intestine Organ Energy Function. Drape your left hand over your left shoulder and place your right hand on the right side of your chest, beneath the third rib.

Embracing the Virgo Full Moon

The energy of a Full Moon is transformative, inviting us to release and step into our strengths. As such, many people may find this energy overwhelming and even confrontational. Being who we are, showing up fully, can be intimidating, even terrifying, even as it is our heart’s desire.

With the Full Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces, we have mutable energy in earth and water signs. This can feel frustrating as Virgos strive for details, efficiency, and practicality and the energy of Pisces is more nebulous, especially with Neptune in Pisces. Virgos and Pisces may feel this Full Moon’s energy more keenly.

Leslie Benson writes in Astrograph about this configuration of Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune, in opposition to the Moon in Virgo. While Neptune in Pisces (2011 – 2026) can be opportune for spiritual growth, if we avoid facing the truth and escape into fantasy, we live in delusion and confusion. These times are to align with who we are and trust the divine nature that is all of us.

This astrological configuration urges each of us to attune to something far greater than our own thoughts, greater than the plethora of noise on social media, and greater than the canned messages systemically being pumped into the collective awareness by corporate media.

Leslie Benson, Astrograph

Look where this Virgo Full Moon activates your chart. This is the area in life asking for your attention and to invite Divine assistance. Astrologer Arik Xander reminds us to get ourselves – our ego – out of the way.

Opinions, projections, making up stories rather than wanting to hear the Truth, denial, protection, so many ways we get in the way. About 84,000 states of mind, which block the 2024 hues of light that want to flow into your world.

Arik Xander

Questions for Meditation

In these times, the choices we make are even more critical. What do we choose? What do we value? Are we grateful for each other and showing each other nurturance and care? Respect and allowance for their life force? On the local and global levels, entwined at the moment with our health is our economic and social affairs, placing pressure on our fears about survival and well-being. Do we come from an abundance mindset? What patterns of lack do we have and what fears do we project onto others?

This is time to come together – to raise collective vibrations, to release unhealthy and unloving patterns, and to step more fully into our divine nature. We are also asked to examine our definition and approach to health and well-being, as well as how we are treating Mother Earth.

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