Virgo – Discernment or Overthinking?

With Virgo Season, we begin Autumn. The most famous myth associated with this astrological sign is that of Persephone and Demeter. A time to harvest and gather. Virgo’s glyph is of the Goddess holding grain, and when Persephone prepares her journey into the underground (Winter) and Demeter grieves the loss of her daughter, until her return in Spring. The attitude and emotion corresponding to the Fall season is grief and sadness, which can manifest when the fusional bond between Mother and Child happens.

Virgo is the last Dayforce signs (Rudhyar), the last in the personality half of the zodiac. Like the changing seasons, summer to fall, our personality also undergoes a journey, from maiden to wise woman.

Virgo August 23 to September 22

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Unlike Gemini which expresses this planetary influence outwardly through dissemination of information, Virgo is an internal drive. An analytical energy that breaks things down into its components. Virgo is about the discernment and discrimination between what is helpful and useful, what to take forward on our journey.

Part of Virgo’s magic is understanding what is essential, what is necessary. Not only on the physical level. Mercury being an alchemical agent, so is Virgo, transmuting the physical into the spiritual.

photo by Paz Arando

Questions to Ponder:

* What are the ways you are serving others in your life? What are your needs that you have subjugated to the needs of others? 

* Do you overthink in relationships? Do you trust the body, in your spontaneous expressions of feelings and intimacy?

* Is your home always clean and organized? Do you feel a need to control your environment in other ways?

* What does your inner critic say to you? What do you feel the most inadequate about yourself? Spend time to recognize your achievements and leave notes of praise for yourself around the house.

* Are you married to your work? What obligations do you feel? Are you taking care of your physical needs, through diet and exercise?

*What is your higher calling? Perhaps some volunteering for a cause you believe in?

The unbalanced energies and low expressions of Virgo tend toward being judgmental, overthinking, and critical, especially of oneself. This is a good time to contemplate where these states of shadow consciousness may show up in your daily life and how you engage with yourself and others.