Victimhood to Freedom

Victimhood and Freedom are the frequency bands of the 55th Gene Key. This week, from February 19 to 23, the Sun is in this gate which means the neutrinos from the Sun are being filtered through the themes and energies of the 55. Perhaps feelings of begin a victim are rising up for you, the old wounds not quite wholed and the insights still integrating. Or you are gaining new insights on these patterns in your life, whether you play the victim or you attract them. The background frequency is supportive of this journey of awakening.

55th Gene Key

Shadow : Victimization | Gift : Freedom | Siddhi : Freedom
Programming Partner : 59th Gene Key | Physiology : Solar Plexus | Amino Acid : Histidine

What is Victimhood?

Victimhood is a deep collective shadow that has kept the vibrations low and human engagement less than what’s possible. Dishonesty, the shadow of 55’s programming partner, reinforces this shadow in a feedback loop.

The highest frequencies of the 55th and the 59th Gene Keys are Freedom and Transparency. True freedom means complete honesty with ourselves, others, and so the world.

Playing the victim means that we aren’t taking responsibility and instead, blame our external circumstances and other people for our attitude to life. Sometimes it’s obvious and we know we are doing it; often it is subtle, deeply buried in our automatic pilot program. Somehow we do become aware of these dynamics. It may even be painful when that awareness arises. And then, liberation.

The thing is we don’t always know why something happens or why someone behaves a certain way. Yet we want to know. We want to prevent it from recurring, we want the pain to stop, and we want to be accepted and loved.

Is the difference between victimhood and freedom a choice?

What we choose is our attitude. Sure, we may initially want to roll up in a ball, cry our eyes out, punch some innocent pillows, and feel sorry for ourselves. The question is – and then what?

55th Gene Key & The Emotional wave

The 55th Gene Key is part of the Solar Plexus, what Richard Rudd (Gene Keys) has called “the seat of human emotions.”

50% of people have this energy centre defined. This means they have consistent access to its energy. They also are almost constantly feeling emotional waves. The other half of us have this centre open/undefined and we amplify this powerful energy. This volleying, projection, pre-mature action – you can see how relationships can get volatile, blame being tossed back and forth.

When feel angry, sad, or under pressure, do you look outside for a cause? Or perhaps you create a story that explains how you feel? Do we avoid communicating our truth because previous confrontations have been so overwhelming? How have we been conditioned? How are we victims of emotions?

When we complain or play the blame game, we are perpetuating and also lost in the frequencies of Victimization and Dishonesty.

What it shows is that emotions affect our attitudes, and vice versa. Knowing the mechanics of the solar plexus and the emotional wave helps us take responsibility and a different perspective of what’s going on.

55th Gene Key & The Evolutionary Force

There is a place inside your DNA whose sole purpose is to trigger this awakening. The 55th Gene Key describes this place, but more than that, it allows you to contemplate and quicken the actual process of awakening.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

The 55th Gene Key describes evolution and the 22th Gene Key, involution. Matter to Spirit and Spirit to Matter. These are “master keys” for our evolutionary mutation, within the timeline from 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, through the Melodic Resonance in 2012, to the Rhythmic Symphony in 2027. During these years, our DNA and our inner world will be restructured.

We have already witnessed and experienced so much change since 1987, and probably more so obviously since 2012 for many people, when the “Mayan Calendar Prophesy” went mainstream. The dissolution of the old systems and structures has further quickened, with 2020 highlighting a split in reality for a world on pause. Yes, reality is subjective. On the most basic level, what we perceive of the world is filtered through our beliefs.

Our DNA and vibrations have been imprinted by a changing field which is also informed by our rising consciousness. We are in the mist of the Great Change, the Great Awakening, as more and more people let go of the old ways of thinking and living. Our soul is making that choice, and many are leaving to continue their journey elsewhere.

From 2027, we will see the mutation of the Solar Plexus from a motor to an awareness centre and those who carry this will experience this energy centre very much differently. Family dynamics will be transformed through these children who will no longer engage through victimhood.

How this evolutionary path unfolds after 2027 we will soon see. The more we let go of our conditioning and defaulting to an external authority, the more we will navigate these times as our authentic self. Imagine a world where we live as our unique self and honour our life force and that of all others.

Join Richard Rudd in this online course, The Art of Contemplation, to work with the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi frequencies of your Gene Keys.

victimhood to Freedom

If stories of victimization are coming up for you, then this is a bountiful time to look through new eyes. These new perspectives can empower the building of more inclusive systems going forward. Rather than rail at what does not work, we can choose to direct our energy into the new. What reality are we creating and participating in?