Unified Field | Sound and Breath Transmission

This is a personal account of Mikael King’s Unified Field: Sound + Breath Transmission in Singapore.

14 of us sat in a circle, bathed in candlelight. The lounge at 38 Petain Road, transformed.

14 is 5 is the number of Man. Through the path of sound and breath, we rediscover our humanness. Beyond into non-ordinary space, back to zero point, or in quantum physics term, the unified field. This is in between time and space and beyond the Ego Mind.

We were there for Mikael King’s Unified Field: Sound + Breath Transmission, his first in Singapore. He began the workshop with an introduction of this concept which was new to many people, certainly in the way and depth he presented it.  Through breath, we can access this point of remembrance, of “forgetting we are forgetting that we are already enlightened” and of “observing the self observing the self.”

It can feel very vulnerable to show up for something that we don’t know about. It can feel exciting. I was curious. It is the showing up that matters. The consistency of showing up and coming back, into the heart, into the unified field, allows us to release the programming we all have. In every moment, we can access this point of remembering who we really are, and remembering to love who we are.

In this workshop, we learned how to tap into the three dimensional yin-yang donut of the torsion field and to generate our own free-energy vessel. Safely through our own breath. Inhale. Exhale.

To start, we visualize the field as two donuts or inner tubes, at the navel area or what the Chinese call the lower dantian and at the heart level. As beginners, it helps to bring our arms out in front and move up and down with the breath.

We are bringing energy from the womb to the heart, releasing everything and giving up anything that may be in dysfunction. The past. The woundedness. Mikael led us through a few practice rounds of the double helix breath. This can feel foreign to many people as the most common way to breathe in modern way is shallow, and not deep into the entire body. Everything is cut off. Segregated. “Square boxes in square-box cities.”

With an Andara crystal on our heart, we breathed our way to new places. Mikael led us with his five-octave overtone voice, throat chanting, and crystal bowls, level by level, unlocking each door. The choice was ours to enter. To let go. Layer by layer, we dropped deeper and deeper. Then…THEN his voice hit this high powerful space and it cracked something within. Tears of joyousness and peace flowed and I could hear sobs from around the room, as well as explosions of stuckness ready to go.

This meditative journey was a different experience for everyone. It sounded like everyone received what they needed, what they were ready for. Perhaps we have unlocked our inner sun. Or maybe we have transmuted through the heart our individual and collective wounds. Everything we do matters. Everything any one of us does matters. It reminds us that we are indeed all in this together.

We ended the workshop with a song of Om Padme Mani Hum, which incidentally was calibrated by David Hawkins at 700 on The Map of Consciousness. 700 – 1000 is Pure Consciousness and the level of Enlightenment.

Mikael King is the founder of DivineJoy.org, Breathlight.net, and his Bali Jewelry Line, Mustarz.com. Mikael has more than 15 years of experience providing conscious awakening transformation for thousands with Sacred Heart meditations, embodiment and empowerment practices, sacred sound musicianship, world chants, Tibetan Sound Overtones, Breathlight Experiences, and Training immersions worldwide.