The Vibration of Eight

As we move into August, we will be experiencing the vibration of eight. As the eighth month, August has the vibration of magic, power, and energy.

From 5D Astrologer Christine Clemmer, August 2020 is

“ushering a Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Mercury Pluto bridge, Venus Eris resource, Black Moon Eris communion, Black Moon Venus resource, Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, Vesta Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, and Mercury Eris stepping stone.  The aspects today are incredibly active and potent.”

So much has happened and is still happening, more and more is being revealed. Astrological aspects show a lot of bridges, moment. How are we staying the centre of our being? Anchored in our inner authority? Responding to what is correct for us?

We also just began a new galactic year on July 26 with the Blue Lunar Storm. This is another year of the feminine cycle and we are remembering to be receptive, yield, surrender…”not my will, but thy will.” If the sides of your neck feel tense or stuck in some way, you may be pushing your will and ego on the external circumstances and other people. This is where the Safety Energy Lock 12 is located. Flexible neck, flexible response. Stay limber, my friends.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a wonderful way – gentle and powerful – to shift our energy, release tension, and harmonize imbalances.

Daily Practice

Christine Clemmer suggests focusing on the “still point of equanimity within the open heart.” We can do this with each breath, lengthening our inhales and exhales, and in fullness and emptiness of breath. Be present for each breath.

The breath is what we first return to and focus on in Jin Shin Jyutsu. Being one with each exhale and inhale, letting go and receiving, and harmonizing the body with different hand placements can create magnificent shifts.

For the month of August, in the Leo Season, I invite you to hold the 8s on our body. This is the outside of our knees. You can wrap your hands with the fingers around the back and the thumb on the knee or place your hands on the knee area. Whatever you feel called to and what feels comfortable.

8 came into existence meaning “rhythm, strength, and peace.” It is magic, and infinity. As above, so below. Harmonizing this energy hub helps us connect with cosmic rhythm, and remember that life is wondrous.

Emotionally, the 8s helps us know trust and feel peace and tranquility. Physically, it helps with the elimination and assimilation processes, muscle, general tension, and the reproductive system.

Are yo ready to experience the vibration of eight?