The Themes of Scorpio Season

The Archetype of each Zodiac sign is an aspect of who we are, individually and collectively. As we move through all twelve, we are deepening our process of incarnation and spiritual awakening. Evolution and Involution. The Sun moves into Scorpio on October 22/23. During Scorpio Season the Sun will move through four Human Design Gates and Gene Keys, each reflecting a world theme that we will experience together.

Scorpio Season begins 3:59PM Pacific October 22 2020. We are moving from the Air to Water element, diving into the depths of the realm of Plutonian transformation. This is an intense, penetrating, and magnetic energy that will lead you into their world, extracting your secrets, leaving you none the wiser about them.

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Scorpio Astro

“I Desire” | Fixed Water | Guardian of Otherworld

There are three archetypes for Scorpio. The first deals with unconscious emotional security and fears around betrayal and abandonment. To prevent being hurt, Scorpios can be secretive, controlling, and slow to trust. This is the low expression of a Scorpio – spiteful, vindictive, vengeful, unforgiving, and manipulative. The high expression is magnetic, charismatic, passionate, primal, and flowing with raw power.

An unconscious Scorpio acts like a scorpion, purely instinctive and highly protective of self. Their mantra is “revenge is a dish best served cold.” Their evolution takes them into the Eagle and then the Phoenix archetypes. Rebirth is a major theme of the Scorpio, rising higher and higher.

Scorpio rules the 8th House of sex, death/rebirth, and taboo. Plutonian territory. What we don’t talk about, what we bury and repress. Death, in all its ways – physical, psychological, and symbolic.

We may associate Pluto with its intense and negative energies – manipulation, vindictiveness, and possessiveness, for example because these are potential and common reactions when our emotional security is threatened in face of having to “lose” what no longer belongs, yet to be recognized. If we are willing to see that we have reached stagnation points, and the tower must fall, Pluto is a source of strength for us.

Along our evolutionary path, mutation spontaneously occurs. These are breakthroughs. Yet they can feel like the world crashing down, like the tower. What we shed, like the serpent sheds old skin, are attachments, concepts, false security, and the ego. What is true cannot be taken from us; it is only illuminated when the veil is removed.

Uranus transforms; Neptune dissolves, and at the same time feeds the new prenatal growth; Pluto is the hierophant of the mysteries of actual birth into the New World. Whoever fails to withstand the transforming power of Uranus must become disintegrated by Neptune. For such a one, Pluto is the awesome lord of death. But he who passes the Uranian tests and enters into the Neptunian Sea of Light need not fear Pluto, even through the final ordeal of the Temptation; for Pluto will show him to the gates of rebirth and of immortality. Immortality: the state of being always different while the same.

Dane Rudhyar, New Mansions for New Men

The Faces of Fear in Scorpio

As the Sun moves through the 30 degrees of Scorpio, it moves into different Gates (Human Design) and Gene Keys, both of which relate to the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching.

According to the Human Design System, there are 20 faces of Fear, 4 of which relate to the Gates / Gene Keys of the Scorpio Season. These are 50, 28, 44, and 43. The first three are part of the Spleen and the last one belongs in the Ajna.

The Spleen is about physical fears and survival, instinctual intelligence. This is an awareness centre, and it’s helpful to remember that these fears and energy will pass.

The Ajna is the mental plane and here, fears can be created. This is anxiety.

On the other side of all fears are our gifts.

Gate 50 | 50th Gene Key

Gate 50 is the Cauldron, the Gate of Values. The fear here is that of taking responsibility. This can manifest as fear of making bonds, such as those in marriage, for family, and within the community. Do we have consistent and even a surplus of resources to meet these responsibilities? Since this is a tribal gate, there is a seeking of the right bond, or making the right bargain and barter. As a Gate in the Spleen, it is about survival.

The 50th Gene Key is the Cosmic Order. For each Gene Key, there are three frequency bands – Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi. They can be seen as survival, service, and surrender. For the 50th Gene Key, they are Corruption, Equilibrium, and Harmony. While we tend to think of political corruption, it is also about the corruption of information and data, including transcription of our genetic material. “Lost in translation” happens when energies pass through fear.

The division we see in the world is reflected and perpetuated by hierarchies. We also divide our responsibilities, as well as determining the type of social and other bonds we can make according to social class, culture, etc. Hierarchies also exist because of competition, which stems from our tribal survival urges. Remember this is the Gate of the Spleen.

As we understand, accept, and even embrace this Shadow of Corruption, we can shift into the higher frequencies of Equilibrium and then Harmony. This is the birth of a new social model, dissolving hierarchies and the laws in place to monitor them. We shift from the low frequencies of survival into cosmic order.

Gate 28 | 28th Gene Key

The Fear of Gate 28 is the Fear of Death and the Fear of Purpose. This is feeling that the struggle we experience is meaningless. It’s the fear of being annihilated. Do we live in fear of death or be such a risk taker in denial of death? Do we know what’s worth the struggle? Do we propel ourselves from this fear to seek fulfilment? To find and be love? The other side of this fear is remembering our visions, which is fuel for our journey forward. Even when everything else seems to be breaking apart and we cannot see the path ahead. One step at a time!

The 28th Gene Key is about “embracing the Dark Side.” The three frequencies are Purposelessness, Totality, and Immortality.

The 28th Shadow is a major aspect of the genetic survival equipment that has led to the success of the human species. This Shadow with its fear of death has sharpened our individual instincts for millennia, and it has led us out of the darker ages of our prehistory into the current age in which individual survival is more ensured than ever before.

Richard Rudd

Like the 8th House of Scorpio, the 28th Shadow is all that we do not want to look at and accept. By seeing and embracing these aspects of self, we can begin to dissolve the shadow that obscures our gifts, including our purpose. Totality is when we receive the wholeness of life, walking the path of deep trust. The highest frequencies of the 28th Gene Key, Immortality, is the cessation of time through living fully in the moment, surrendering to the fears of dying.

Gate 44 | 44th Gene Key

The 44th Gate is the Fear of Extinction, fear that the species will not continue. It is also the Fear of the Past, of repeating the same mistakes and having your past catch up to you. That this is inevitable.

This gate is about smell and so a person with awareness can smell lies and liars. When we transcend this fear, this sense of smell develops into “having a nose” recognizing patterns and trends.

The 44th Gene Key is “Karmic Relationships”. The three frequency bands are Interference, Teamwork, and Synarchy. This Gene Key is about human fractals. Fractals are self-similar patterns that occur at all levels of existence.

The term human fractal is an extension of this notion to human relationships, referring to the web of invisible patterns that bind certain groups of people together.

Richard Rudd

The 44th Shadow, by bringing up the past, creates interference, making it difficult for people to create and enjoy healthy relationships. This can manifest as distrust and misjudgment. When we clear the shadow, we are clearing the entire fractals for both people in the relationship.

At the Gift frequency, people can harness their sense of smell, through which they recognize the right people – friends, allies, lovers, business partners…people who resonate with your fractal line.

The Siddhi frequency of the 44th Gene Key is Synarchy. This is collective rulership, high harmony. While there is hierarchy, as seen in a bee hive, the structure is not linear. Rather, there is a dissolution, an awareness of the totality.

Gate 43 | 43th Gene Key

43 is the Gate of Breakthrough. As part of the Individual Circuitry, this Gate is about offering something new and unique, as part of our evolution. People with this Gate, in their high expression, receive insight in the moment and are often challenged to explain it. They harbour a fear of being seen as an outsider, a freak, and the mental anxiety about being rejected. The keynote for this individual gate is “genius to freak.” Their insight is mutative and unique, so different and new that they may be seen as a freak.

The three frequency bands of the 43rd Gene Key are Deafness, Insight, and Epiphany. The Shadow of Deafness means we cannot hear truth, because of the noise and interference of the collective aura. And we try to create security through the external world – relationships, work, home, etc. Life becomes more complicated (in our mind) and our inner noice builds. We are even more busy, too busy mentally, looping over and over with anxiety, to pause and listen.

Inside every individual is a pulsing rebellious spirit, and it is this spirit that finally begins to awaken when you realize how deafened you have been by that which society, culture, and even history expects of you.

The wonder of the human being is this unpredictable, spontaneous liquid genius.

Richard Rudd

The service of the 43rd Gene Key is rebellion and it is this spirit that scares and therefore rejected by society. Rebels cannot be controlled and are seen as outsiders, outside of the security so many are pushing to create. At this Gift frequency, the Shadow of Deafness is channeled into conviction in listening to oneself. They become a creative force, rather than the destruction many fear. Rebels are destructive when they react out of frustration, anger, and resentment.

The Siddhi of the 43rd Gene Key comes suddenly, this surrendering that allows the manifestation of divine being. This ultimate breakthrough, understanding that consciousness is all.

Such deeply realized people inevitably break all the rules of how an enlightened being is supposed to behave. With the 43rd Siddhi, the only thing you know is that you know absolutely nothing. This knowing is so delightful to you that you will simply never be able to contain the wonder and beauty of it. You have become deaf to everything but the Divine.

Richard Rudd

A beautiful suggestion Richard Rudd has made is to hold with us the Siddhi, as we do the work to understand and accept the Shadows. When one person begins to heal an aspect of the Sacred Wound and dissolve the maya, the frequencies of the collective also shift. What we do matters and we are in it together.

The Scorpio journey is about stripping off layers, year after year, and getting to know the essence of who we are. Because we may not be able to count on good genes or good luck, and some bad decisions can’t be undone. 

Big Sky Astrology

The Scorpio Season invites us to deep dive into transformation, dying to the old and outdated and rebirthing into a higher expression of who we are. Ishtar’s story reflects this surrendering, each time she reaches a gate in hell and what is hell except the realm of fears. She gives up her crown, jewelry, clothes so that she is completely naked without any of her accoutrements. At the Siddhi frequency, we are transparent and all is revealed.

The Human Design and Gene Keys information points to some fears we may be experiencing collectively as the Sun moves into these Gates. We face the fears that the past will repeat itself or catch up to us, or that we don’t have enough resources or “good genes” to perpetuate our species. What we can take away is that our fears are survival-based, both conditioned and imprinted from our ancestral and fractal lines. Scorpio Season shows that, like the three frequency bands of the Gene Keys, there are three archetypes – Scorpion, Eagle, and Phoenix.

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