The Spirit of Aloha

In the book Wise Secrets of Aloha, Garnette Arledge shares the secrets of the esoteric healing tradition of Lomilomi. She collaborates with Kauai-born Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim to share the lineage teachings he still gifts the world today. Aloha is the gift of the Hawaiian people – are you ready to receive this gift?

Aloha calls. Listen into the breeze, the splash of waves – the air is filled with Aloha. Listen, you are being called to the Aloha Spirit in the book you are holding. Listen as I did. All the abundance, freedom from cherished wounds, and joy you have ever yearned for can be yours with the Aloha Spirit. I know, for Aloha called me at just the right time. Aloha can change your life as it did mine…You are welcome with Aloha to enter the realm of the Hawaiian Temple Lomilomi with kapuna Harry Uhane Jim, initiated priest of the traditional mysteries of Hawaii.

This book reminds us that words have power, and carry “healing, mystery, beauty, and spiritual depth.” The Hawaiian language is deep and subtle, with many layers of meaning, and not translatable into English so simply.

Here we will explore the meaning of Aloha, greeting and good-bye the whole world recognizes, a word that many tourists happily use, though not all really understand its deep meaning and high vibrations. The welcoming ritual with a lei is honouring every visitor as friend, as “aloha calls forth, soul to soul, the spirit of generosity and hospitality.” This is what kapuna Harry calls vivification, a raising of vibrations and “good spiritual feelings.”

Be sure, I'm merely sharing the messages of the book, a book I found lyrical and enlightening. I, too, am writing as a non-Hawaiian and don't pretend otherwise. I also encourage you to read this book, and if possible, if fate leads you there, to have a lomilomi encounter with a true healer.

More than Hello

Most of us know the word Aloha at its most surface. Like every Hawaiian word, this word has fields of meaning. Here we get syllables that are all sacred sounds, each with esoteric meaning. “Ah” is the abbreviation of the name of God, which like for many people, is not spoken. “Alo” is “the presence of God within us”. “Ha” is “the breath of God is in our presence.” The many meanings of aloha are all love, whether it is compassion, affection, caring, or sympathy.

In the Hawaiian language, each word has seven levels of meaning, purpose, and vibration.

The Gate of Heaven is the first level and the opening to the other fields. Aloha is a door that opens and raises vibrations. As a greeting, it also invites people to untether from the mundane and linear time. It is a blessing.

Kahuna Papa Bray also shares that the secret teaching lies in the five letters of the word, each a principle in the work kahunas do. “A” – is Ala or watchful alertness. “L” is Lokahi, which is working with unity, seeing God in all forms. “O” is Oaio, truthful honesty and authenticity – what is inside is manifested outside. “H” is Haahaa or humility. “Ha is breath or Spirit; haahaa is the emotion of Spirit having a human experience. “A” is Ahonui, patient perseverance.

The breath is central. Aloha is also about breathing together. Are you breathing? Are you allowing the breath of God move through you? You don’t have to be Hawaiian or be on the islands to remember your breath. I invite you as we move deeper into the last weeks of the year, to remember to breathe, to exhale what you no longer needs or desires. Let us breathe together, and breathe something new for the coming year.

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