The New Humans

It’s 2020. What does that mean? For years, we’ve been talking about the New Humans. Kryon speaks about this – the evolution of humanity – in book fourteen.

The Metaphor of the Playground

What we call “human nature” is “a consciousness of dysfunction”, writes Lee Carroll who channels Kryon. On a scale with mastery representing 100%, we’ve been functioning only at around 30%. We – and our DNA – have greater efficiencies. Aging, our concept of aging, is flawed, for example.

The consciousness of humanity is tied directly to that which exists physically on the planet, including the percentage of your DNA which you enjoy. Therefore, what you think, you create. Through eons of time, humanity has settled to thirty percent or so.

Kryon, The New Human : The Evolution of Humanity¹

To be clear, our consciousness is allowing the percentage of how much of our DNA is engaged. Yet it happens, even now. These so-called miracles are times when our consciousness shifts to 100%, even if for just a moment. Did you know there is actually database for spontaneous remission?

Humanity’s history shows we’ve been in survival mode. Look at all the survival guides people publish! This is also what they call the playground consciousness, and as the New Humans, we are getting out of the playground. You may already see this in your own children, or perhaps you are an Indigo child yourself. Indigo children started incarnating in the 1960s! Their consciousness was different, allowing them to see how things can be different, how the establishments and institutions just don’t make sense. This rebellion against the old is rolling and swelling these days.

The key is to step into what we desire, as New Humans. Kryon describes them – you – as “compassionate, humane, kind, considerate, understanding, sympathetic, tolerant, approachable, and accessible.” Rather than lamenting about what doesn’t work, innovate by pointing to our true north.

Attributes of the New Humans

1 Awareness of Source

Source, Spirit, God, zero field…many names. Our relationship to Source is unique, some based on the belief that we were made in the image of God. Or that we have the spark of God within. Yet the human nature we’ve been exhibiting and experiencing is not God nature. It’s old human nature. The gap between this belief of a benevolent universe and our experience will or has begun to narrow. “When you vibrate higher with an evolved DNA, you will have greater awareness”² and the universe’s true attributes will become more obvious to us.

2 Awareness of Self

We move from survival mode to thrive! Our concept and experience of Self will evolve. The pressure or the need to explain or defend will dissolve. There is no need to othering others to feel safe, leaning into labels. As New Humans, we will simply walk our talk, without the need to always talk about it, putting what we know into practice. Celebrating all who we are. “Love builds a vital and energetic bridge from Human to Human, and compassion is the result. Compassionate action [action by Human based in compassion and caring] is what will change basic Human nature forever.” ³

3 Compassionate action as the Norm

We have socioeconomic and political agendas when faced with global challenges such as poverty and refugees. In fear, we contract, as individuals and nations, mired in the old belief system and survival-mode mentality. We have international institutions handing out to “deserving” nations, projects, and emergency situations. This is the primary infrastructure in place today. Yet these are not “their” problems; it’s about all of us. New solutions will arise. As Albert Einstein has said, solutions are found outside the level of where the problem was created. As our consciousness evolves, so too our solutions, our elegant ways of designing our lives and connecting with each other.

4 Integrating the Shift

All of us who are here right now signed up to be here right now. Yes, sometimes that’s shocking. Changes, and the energy, can feel overwhelming. “We’ve got this” is a powerful reminder. For myself, having a robust self-care approach to life has been pivotal. I give myself Jin Shin Jyutsu, observe my energy, practice HeartMath techniques, run Quantum Bioresonace on myself, eat as well as I can, supplement, Hoʻoponopono, get massages, stretch, dance, laugh… If you aren’t a practitioner, there are still lots of things you can put into practice. Simple pleasures of being you.

And if you feel discomfort? “I want you to relax a bit right now: Be still, and know that you are a piece of God. I wish you to know that everything you see around you is part of a massive correction of the balance between dark and light. Over time, you’ll see it, and you’ll feel it.”⁴

5 Remembrance

We have a biological/chemical lineage and we have a soul lineage. We also have a star lineage, with off-planet seed-parents. Who are we? Do you still feel you are merely physical beings in a physical realm? Or does being the New Humans resonate with you?

How do you feel when you connect with the planet, with Mother Earth and Gaia? What about our DNA? Even as our physical DNA may not change, the multidimensional parts are getting activated. They have already for many! Have you wondered what the so-called “junk DNA” is for? Rather than chemical codes, this is information.

These channels date back to 2017. It’s 2020. We’ve already had years of practice surfing the changing energy, in a new consciousness arising from a shifting magnetic field. It’s an exciting time and we signed up to be here. Right. Now.

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