The Middle Pillar

The Middle Pillar. The Middle Path. The Neutral and the Observer.

We can call this by many names. What matters is that we know it exists and available for all of us.

As the world becomes more polarized and divided by the current situation, it is ever more important for us to see through the illusion, the game. We may not fully know what is going on or why. The pursuit to decipher and wrap our heads around it will drive most of us crazy. The level of stress and anxiety has skyrocketed this past year.

Here’s the interesting thing – whichever side of an issue we sit on, we will find evidence of it. Whose experts are the experts? Who is being censored? It matters and ultimately it does not matter. Neither is the middle pillar; both are pulling people one way or another. We are being distracted.

Everything is energetic and exists as a wave or a particle. As a potential or potentialized. As wet cement or concrete. This has never been more obvious than in 2020. We are also now more open to the idea of separate/divergent timelines and reality being subjective. Perhaps our cognitive dissonance is more resolved and we are able to stay open to new and different ideas.

When we are able to see through the divide and conquer strategy, we can stand more firmly on the middle pillar. Why is this important?

Every time we are triggered and we react, we’re giving up some of our sovereignty and we leak energy. When we concretize an idea, we tend to defend it, defending our ego and identity. It’s easy to then become more isolated in our echo chamber. We strengthen those circuitry in our brain and deepen our cognitive dissonance. As founder/creator of BioGeometry Dr Karim has said, every judgment cracks the steps to evolution.

Being on the middle pillar means we are aware of the pulls from all sides and see them as ways to disempower us and to make us forget the powerful creative beings we are. We see them as opportunities to empower ourselves and align with our life force even more spectacularly.

So how do we navigate the rest of 2020 and beyond?

We stand on the middle pillar and we observe. We observe what transpires from the other two pillars, from a detached point of view, removed from the drama. This way, we can choose how and what we want to participate in. From the middle pillar, we can see the drama and the division. With our energy, words, and deeds, we can vote for a world beyond polarization, dehumanization, and blind faith. We stop jumping down into rabbit holes every time there is a trigger, and an event. This means we stop playing the games they want us to play, and we start believing in freedom and the powerful beings we are.

Here are two videos about consciousness that may be of interest.

This My 2 Cents Worth with Lavette is the video that led to my contemplation of the middle pillar. The second one is from Matt of Quantum of Conscience. He’s the one with the idea of the wet cement.

The Invitation

We are sitting at the cusp. Jupiter conjunct Saturn on Solstice at 0 degrees Aquarius ushers in a new age. We are at the end of the 2020 calendar year, with the Rave New Year, and other new cycles beginning soon after. What is your intention for the new cycle and with what energy will you receive it? What old paradigm, beliefs, conditioning are you ready to release?

Let us sit quietly with these questions. Perhaps make a list of your most fervently-held beliefs and see if you can follow their thread to how you came to identify with them. Can we create more spaciousness around that by loosening their hold a bit, perhaps by inviting others into a conversation? What if for a day, you experimented by holding the diametrically-opposed belief? As Bryon Katie’s The Work suggests – who would we be if I didn’t believe this?

The invitation is to see if we can stand on the middle pillar and not engage with either side. Or if we do, choose with complete sovereignty to do so. Can we allow ideas to flow through our heads? And questions to rise and fall without us asking them? By the way, most of us have an open head centre and we can feel a pressure to think what is not important to us!

The invitation is to see if we can let go of the need to have the last word, to convince others of our beliefs, and to feel solid enough within ourselves not to call others unkind names, just because our views diverge.

cover photo : Rebecca Georgia