The Human Design profile 1/3 Approach to Smoothies + Tips

1/3 refers to a profile In Human Design. Understanding and seeing in play these profiles of conscious and unconscious design is quite enlightening. Here’s my experience as a 1/3, in the kitchen. Making smoothies is one example.

I’ve been making smoothies for breakfast these days. Every morning it’s a different recipe and it’s no guarantee what the concoction will end up as. Bravo to my partner who braves each experiment. (For him, his correct way to digest food and info is his environment, rather than the food itself!)

So this is the crux of the 1/3, one of the 12 profiles in Human Design. 1/3 which makes up approximately 15% of the population is the Investigator/Discoverer. 1 is the Investigator, here to see how solid the foundation is, how true the information is. A 1 living correctly as themselves will rarely take what others say at face value. They will want to research it and “kick it around” to see if it’s solid.

3 is the Discoverer, here to explore life through “trial and error.” Errors and mistakes are not incorrect for the 3, so long as they follow their inner guidance on what to expend life force energy on. According to Human Design, we will always have energy for what is correct for us.

The 3 bumps into people, things, and experiences in their life. In our society at large, with the paradigm of “time is money”, people are not so forgiving or compassionate with what they see as mistakes. Many people also fear being called stupid (probably because it has come with punishment, whether emotional such as shaming and chiding or corporeal and physical such as a spanking or detention in school, for example.) So it makes sense that the traditional keynote for 3 is “martyr”. In a way they are self-sacrificing through experiencing “mishaps” for the collective and being misunderstood for it. Many such 3s may be oppositional as a strategy for life. 3 is mutation.

So back to my smoothie recipes and my Human Design Profile 1/3 in action.

Here is what I love to include (at this time):

My morning smoothie is some experimental combination of these and other ingredients. For a turn, I did Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue Smoothie and in another season, I did mostly veggie smoothies. I’m also a taste person (Human Design concept) so I can eat what I love every day for a long time, until I find something else delicious and yummy for me. So for me, the food is important whereas for my partner, having nervous energy to rev up his system is key. So that’s eating in a busy restaurant or while walking or watching movie. Only if he can feel this hum, this nervous energy within. I wonder how nervous he is when he tries my culinary experiments.

However it ends up as – more liquid-y or thick as ice cream or tasting like a tropical paradise dream – I do love my morning smoothie. At this time. It’s a great way for me to get my protein as well. For those of you with Hot Thirst, cold morning smoothies isn’t correct for you. An occasional one is okay; starting your day? Not such a good idea. To know what is your digestion regime, you do need an accurate birth chart.

So what are your favourite smoothie recipes? Or your favourite way to break fast? Do you see your Human Design Profile in play?