The Eyes, Feet, Liver & Pisces

Pisces relates to the eyes and the feet. It also corresponds with Liver, where anger is “housed.” We say “green with envy” – envy being a flavour of anger and did you know green is the colour of the wood element, the element of the Liver?

Let’s look at the Liver, eyes, and feet relationships.

The Eyes

We relate the Liver with eyes. Think of yellow eyes when a baby has jaundice. Or how white your eyes get after a liver detox. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver meridian “opens to the eyes” and so we know there is a strong and well-known relationship between the Liver and the eyes.

The eyes and vision also correspond with the Heart and Fifth Depth.

Depth is a concept in Jin Shin Jyutsu that represents the spiraling down of energy, from spirit to matter, from 9D of vastness nothingness to the densest manifestation at 1D, the Earth Element and the physical.

When our heart energy is disharmonized, our eyes and vision are affected. This can imbalance the Third Depth (Liver & Gallbladder). In this way, the eyes relate to both the Heart and Fifth Depth and the Liver and GallBladder as the Third Depth organ function energies.

The 5D attitude is “trying”. Trying… trying and efforting – when we are trying to live up to some expectation, trying to please others, feeling the need to prove ourselves… this is not living from our own heart, our own wisdom, and from self-love!

Heart Centre & Human Design

In Human Design, an open/undefined Heart centre may take on the most complex conditioning. It’s not so easy to see when and where we feel we are not worthy. This drives so many people to push against their own desires and push through with an inconsistent will power to prove themselves. (People with an open/undefined Heart Centre does not have consistent access to will power. The energy of this centre is not routed in their circuitry.)

The thought may be – “if I can become *this* maybe mom and dad will finally love me and see that I’m worthy of their love.

Or it can be – “oh, I can’t charge that much! I know I have valuable information and experience to share and I just want to help. I want to share – because I’m here to help – that’s my life mission and I I’m a good person.

What about – “when I’m skinnier, prettier, smarter, funnier, more successful, sexier…”

It’s a trip! And a trap.

Tip – Sith with yourself and check in with your vision of who you are. What eyes are you seeing yourself and the world through? Your parents? Church? Guru? Your wounded inner child? What do you see that angers you so much? Why? Do you feel it’s your responsibility or an obligation to point out every “injustice”? Why? Hold your little finger to harmonize the Heart function energy, 5th Depth, and “trying.”

The Feet

Feet tell a story.

When you stand or lay down, how your feel naturally rest or fall into place is giving us invaluable insights.

Does your little toe hurt? Is it curved? Or maybe your toes curl under? Do you keep stumping a certain toe? Is your arch high or fallen? Are they bloated? Do they fall outward or inward? How do your feet feel in general?

The feet may be sharing that the hips are tight. Or maybe the energy is struggling to descend. The second toe relates to the eyes. The little toe, the kidneys. Holding the big toe helps to bring energy down from the head.

Life & relationships

The beautiful thing with Jin Shin Jyutsu (and life) is relationships. We can see that Pisces corresponds with the Liver. Pisces, with the mantra, “I believe”, is asking us to delve into the illusions of our beliefs and to release the separation. Liver, with its relationships to the eyes and feet, invites us to look at how we stand, the foundation of our beliefs, and how we look at the world. How does anger cloud our vision and corrupts our stability? And how does anger affect us on our physical level?

Life is about relationships. How we relate internally, different parts of our body to the whole, different aspects of self…how we relate externally, with others, the world. That is life. And through endless relationships, we are on this journey of exploration, experimentation, and evolution. There are no rules. Life is not linear and neither is Jin Shin Jyutsu or what we may term “healing.”

Trust your inner authority. Feel called to hold your pinky toe? Go ahead and observe. Feel. Maybe holding your middle fingers or all the fingers is how you come into greater presence and loving relationship with yourself?

Pisces is the last zodiac of the cycle. This is the time to review the past and also let go of the old, the illusion, as we prepare for a new cycle, and a new astrological year, with Aries at the Spring Equinox.