The Dismantling of Authorities

“The trend towards the dismantling of authorities in general, which began in 2019, has reached a strong point, preparing the ground for the remodelling of authorities from 2025. There is still a long way to go, but the entire maturation of a concept it takes time and effort. The sooner we mature, the less conflict and suffering we will have.” – Edson Drago

You can read the entirety of Edson Drago’s message here.

Full Moon in Gemini 2021

This morning I found this message in my inbox and with the Full Moon almost upon us, I wanted to share these words. Because it’s all about relationships, and how we are maturing through them. Or not. He notes that “in this Full Moon, all relationships are put into action. Thoughts, words, imaginations, sensitivities…lose strength, and motivation generally shifts into actions. Relationships that are not lived in the form of concrete actions, lose strength, magnetism, momentum and go to the background. Those who do not take a firm stand in their relationships may feel lonely or abandoned.”

We have a Full Moon in Gemini December 18/19, and as Shannon Port shares, “in Gemini, we learn about both sides of our consciousness and how to reconcile the energies of the inner and outer realms, while maintaining the connection to our inner source of Wisdom as the Divine Mother. Mary Magdalene is the full embodiment of this Truth.”

The primary relationship we have is that with ourselves. When we move towards action, without being centred, without standing for who we are, we suffer and lose connection with ourselves and the universe. In Human Design, we see this as our form being distorted and not capturing the light information and neutrinos in a way that is correct for us. We are then not properly nourished or motivated, and we are not seeing what we are here to see.

This Full Moon, we also have the Sun very near the Galactic Centre, which you can read about more here. Shannon Port also shares this – “The Galactic Centre is the fountain of the higher spiritual knowledge and the Wisdom of the Goddess. With the South Node in Sagittarius, we’ve been challenged to integrate Her Wisdom into our personal and Global auric field.”

Dismantling of Authorities

For the past 21+ months, we have seen authoritarianism unfold in a way and in places we would not have foreseen or desired. To flatten the curve, we started with a 14-day lockdown in many places and all businesses deemed non-essential were shut down and many never did survive this corporate takeover. We have also seen how it has become a battle of my experts versus your experts, with those not kowtowing the mainstream narrative being censored. People may be surprised by what many scientists, researchers, doctors, and other experts are actually finding, experiencing, and saying. It is truly a pandemic. Of censorship, control, and takeover. We are but pawns in this spiritual battle if we continue to abdicate our responsibility and defer to others. And when we allow ourselves to be pitted against one another.

What became very clear was hierarchical relationships and the hierarchy that exists in our society, in the world over. Edson Drago goes on to say in his message that “hierarchical relationships are based on the notion of authority. The notion of authority is based on the criteria of authority in each case. Each position of authority depends on a prior agreement, which defines and delimits the functions of that particular authority. In most cases, this agreement is already ingrained in society and we are not even aware of it, but there is no authority without a general rule that defines it. Our relationship with an authority and at the same time that authority with us depends on the degree of understanding and maturity in which we find ourselves.” There’s more and I encourage you to read the full message, and I invite you to sit with it. Sit with it, observe your reactions, whatever they may be. We are here because of where we are in our spiritual maturity and consciousness level. It’s time for all of us to stop labelling people, denying their sovereignty, and arrogantly believe we hold the whole truth.

Because most of us are guilty of allowing authority to overstep the scope of functions defined for them, for a variety of reasons. It became very clear in the past year plus that we have in general deferred our own instincts to experts. Sure, most of us are not medical experts. Yet all of us are endowed with instincts, curiosity, and the right to question, especially those we have elected to government. The fear campaign has worked and now, that narrative is falling apart. It does not make sense.

Closing out a Cycle

Yet it is not surprising, given that we are closing out a cycle, one that was based on tribal agreements. What humans have built over the past 400 years is a testament of the strength of these agreements. Institutions, governments, infrastructure…even how we get food onto our plate. Through this cycle, we have been maturing individually and collectively. However, like Edson Drago mentioned, some of these agreements have become implicit and have become muddy and sticky. As the veil lifts, we see more clearly these backdoor deals and under the table handshakes.

In February 2027, we step into a new cycle, one of individuality. This does not mean collapse of all that we have built. It may. Certainly that which does not have integrity will at some point crumble, as we are already seeing very clearly. More and more parents, for example, are homeschooling because the system does not meet or honour the needs of their children.

The best way to navigate these and coming times is to know thyself, an ancient axiom and stand firmly in our relationship with ourselves. If we do not, we will feel lonely and abandoned. This means honouring our own life force and that of others. When we each follow our inner authority, rather than from bravado, some guise of proving ourselves, or a deep wound, it will be a much different world. False internal and external authorities are being dismantled and as Edson Drago said, the more mature we are, the less contentious and chaotic it will be. Minimizing suffering isn’t the goal, as much as being aware and awake in our journey to self.