The Art of Contemplation

The Art of Contemplation is a wonderful book by Richard Rudd. I like taking my own copy with me, to open up to a passage, a reminder, an inspiration. As a 1/3 Manifesting Generator, reading books is part of my DNA as an investigator. Both for personal and professional interests, I have devoured volumes. For me, The Art of Contemplation is a gem. I love how poetic and resonant it is. And also practical.

What is Contemplation?

The true nature of contemplation is a mystery. The very purpose of the contemplative way is to turn your energies inwards and make your life a centrifugal experiment in order to first discover and then embrace your true higher purpose in life.

Richard Rudd

Life is a mystery and to understand it is to go beyond our mental concepts of it, and to delve into the depths and richness. We have been fallen for the seduction that we can science everything and logically explain all areas of existence. We have become disconnected from the imaginary, poetic, and the sublime.

Contemplation is one of three classical paths to wisdom and truth, along with meditation (yin) and concentration (yang). As the playful and light middle path, it is effortless concentration, what Richard has called “a kind of cellular digestion.” Through deep relaxation and tenderness, we take in an idea on all levels of our being and allow it to be turned, explored, touched, until the mystery unfolds to us as we yield to it. Through contemplation, we unlearn and “unpick the false tapestry we have woven that promises us freedom while never delivering it.”

In The Art of Contemplation, Richard shares three techniques that form a practice leading us into contemplation. Pausing, pivoting, and merging relate to the mind, emotions, and the physical body, each a field for transformation. These are opportunities for greater self-illumination, as “contemplation happens in the gaps of our lives.”

Why contemplate?

Some of the “rewards” Richard shares include:

  • physical relaxation, including ease of breath as the tensions are released and uncoiled
  • calm and clarity
  • fluidity in life
  • synchronicity
  • living in high frequencies of life
  • attracting people and experiences that support our evolution
  • self-illumination – “an unforgettable state of inner freedom and incandescence”

If ever a time, this is it for us to reconnect with our essence. It is through knowing and remembering who we are truly that we can navigate these fast changing times and mass awakening with grace.

The Art of Contemplation is now an online course with Richard. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive the transmissions and frequencies directly from Richard. While I love reading The Gene Keys book, hearing him speak about each of the Gene Keys is an activation in itself.

What’s included in this course:

  • The Art of Contemplation Audiobook (stream/download)
  • The Art of Contemplation book and step by step guidance in online format
  • Over 20 simple techniques to support your own Contemplation practice
  • New online course format accessible via desktop and mobile