What Else is Possible? Delete Limiting Beliefs with Access Bars

We’ve all heard about The Secret and the need to clear and replace limiting beliefs with positive thoughts that bring us closer to the reality we hope for.

Are you really aware of ALL the limiting beliefs you carry around with you?

Some of these beliefs may even stem from past lives, but remain recorded in the body we currently inhabit. We can also inherit ancestral patterns.

What if you could delete these limiting beliefs as easily as you would files from a computer? What would you do with all that space you have created for new opportunities and possibilities?

This is what Access Bars does…

How does Access Bars work?

There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head.

Each of these stores the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.

There are bars for Healing, Awareness, Creativity, Power, Money… to name but a few.

Each time you adopt a point of view, you solidify the energy in that bar further and limit your capacity to be receptive to new ideas in that area. For example if you say “I am never doing that again!” that decision stops energy from moving in that area of your life. Would that limit what you can receive? Would it create an impact on your body? Would that create less or more choices in your life?

How Does Having Your Bars Run Help?

Having your bars “run” is an incredibly gentle technique for releasing “stuck” energy in the areas in your life that are affected by the limiting beliefs that you are holding on to. Releasing stuck energy with Access Bars is like deleting old files you no longer need from a computer hard drive, creating more space for new and wonderful opportunities.

What Can I Expect from A Bars Session?

I had an Access Bars Session myself and found it incredibly soothing and relaxing. I felt various degrees and types of pulsating energy around my head during the session and for about one day after felt like there was a warm, comforting energy surrounding me.

Other recipients of an Access Bars Session felt that it:

→ quiets the distracted chatter in the mind

→ releases blocks caused by the build up of anger, frustration, and exhaustion

→  improves interpersonal relationships

Is it dangerous?

No – Access Bars is so gentle that it can be performed on (and bring great benefits to) babies and pregnant women. They are also useful for children under exam anxiety as well as adults dealing with daily stress.

Bars practitioners say the worst thing that can happen during your session is that you’ll feel more relaxed than after a fabulous massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change. – from the Access Consciousness Blog entry called Can Bars Save Your Brain?

Is it safe for Children?


Bars can truly enhance the learning and problem solving abilities of children. Fortunately, it is not only trained educators who are getting dramatic results with children’s academic performance.  Ordinary parents familiar with the Access methods can have dramatic results using the tools as well.

One of the most dramatic tools is a hands-on approach called “The Bars”. The Bars are easily learned by anyone, including children, in a relaxing one-day class offered by 250 facilitators worldwide.  A session of Access Bars takes about an hour, is deeply relaxing, and changes the electrical functioning of the brain to make it more effective.”

If you are interested in finding out how Access Bars can enhance YOUR child’s learning capacity, you may find this article called What if We Tried Something Really New to Reform the Schools? interesting.

Monisha has been practicing gentle forms of healing for the past 16 years using various modalities, including Access Bars, Reiki, EMF Balancing, and EFT. Monisha’s work as a Certified Access Bars Facilitator and Reiki Master has allowed her to share the gift of facilitating others in overcoming their limiting beliefs. In private sessions, Monisha “runs” the 32 bars of energy that run through and around the head.

Monisha’s clients range from adults suffering from stress and sleep problems, pregnant women preparing for labor, babies who have problems settling, children and young adults dealing with exam anxiety, as well as the elderly.