Taurus Season & Large Intestine Energy

We begin Taurus season April 19 and so the focus on the Large Intestine Function Energy.

The Archetype of Taurus

We started the new cycle with the Ram, this explosive, upward, fiery, bold energy of the pioneer and explorer. This youthfulness may come across as us ramming our way through, to get our way. Finding our own way is part of the process of individuation that begins with Aries.

Now we are in Taurus season. Represented by the Bull, this energy is sustainable, solid, slower. This is the earth element. The Bull can come across as stubborn, inflexible, rigid, and slow to change. Yet once they have set their eyes on a goal? They can pivot and charge in a new direction with surprising speed.

What’s important to the Bull is security, beauty, the home, nature, sensuality, and touch. They are practical, patient, down-to-earth, resourceful, and steadfast.

Their mantra is “I Have.” What is material, tangible, solid. Its polarity is Scorpio which is about death and transformation. Scorpio’s mantra is “I Create.” This axis shows us the balance between I have and I create. I have what I need and require and I can create what I desire. The creating process asks us to release the ideas of what we can have, of leaving the security and comfort of what we have and where we are.

Taurus & Letting Go

Many Taurus are set in their ways. Sometimes it’s because they’ve discovered a good thing and enjoying themselves. Why move, why change, when it feels so great? And yes, as Mary Oliver pens in Don’t Hesitate, joy is not a crumb – we can all be nourished and fed by it. What if we are set in our patterns because we don’t realize it, or it’s because of our perception of security and a singular focus on the material world?

Letting go helps the Bull to be their generous self, rather than being stingy, greedy, and indulgent. Taurus is the most fruitful and constant sign, gifted in creation, procreation, and manifestation. Following the cycling and rhythm of energy and seasons is beneficial to the Bull, so strongly linked to the Moon and the Earth.

The lesson and gift of Taurus is the relationship between the material and spiritual realms, and the transformation of desires into the manifested, in the highest expression. To know that abundance abound, we can and do always create anew.

Large Intestine Energy

Taurus relates to the Large Intestine Energy, the flow beginning at the medial index fingernail at 6 AM and transforms into the Stomach Energy at the cheek bone. This is a descending energy, which helps energy in the body to move down. It also supports someone in grief, to forgive, and to let go. This is elimination and release on physical and non-physical levels.

Harmonizing this energy helps with muscles, shoulders, fingers, sore throat, body odour, hormonal balance, gums, and constipation/diarrhea.


  • invite your Taurus inner child out to play. As children, you may have felt neglected, not receiving the demonstration of love as you understand it. You want to be shown and yet when you are shown in ways that do not make you feel secure, your needs remain unmet. What are your desires and pleasures? Don’t hesitate to enjoy the pleasurable sensations and sensuality of being human. Come from a place of abundance and joy, rather than the wound of frustration and unfulfilment to release distorted energies around receiving and letting go. So often, the greatest pleasure is on the other side of letting go, of surrendering.
  • revisit your definition of “comfort.” What if “comfort accommodates tension“? How much of what brings you comfort comes from needing security, rather than trusting life? What are some ways to connect more deeply with your physical body and your natural rhythms?
  • what are your beliefs around money, work, and resources? and your own creative abilities?

This Taurus season I invite you to explore the Large Intestine Function Energy. I invite you to let go of long-held beliefs, the ones that have kept you in old patterns, that have prevented the new or your dreams from manifesting in the material realm. I invite you to release scarcity and fear-based perspectives of security, of being safe.

Holding your fourth finger helps to harmonize the Large Intestine Function Energy. Focusing on exhaling completely and being with your breath is a simple and powerful practice to support letting go this Taurus Season.