Tap Into Your Moon Power

Simone Butler’s Moon Power is a fun and wonderful resource to begin connecting with your lunar power and inner goddess.

The Moon is our “vein of gold,” our access point to the core of creation. Identifying and honouring your lunar nature helps you feel comfortable in your skin.

Simone Butler

She is referring to Julia Cameron’s work. The vein of gold is the “indestructible connection to the divine that we all have” – our Spiritual DNA (The Vein of God : A Journey to Your Creative Heart). The Moon imprints on us at the time of our birth. We can see this in our natal astrological chart. This is a potent influence. Simone Butler also offers that the placement of our Moon can indicate gifts, wisdom, and strengths gained from multiple lifetimes.

You have to sink your awareness lower than mind. It’s a relaxed and spacious state. The Moon becomes a bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink.

Dana Gerhardt

Through our menstrual cycle, women are attuned to the Moon, though in our world today, we may have denied this. We have been seeing a beautiful crescendo in this awareness. Along with healing and releasing the shame we have been taught about bleeding. This is part of the return of the feminine, to flow with a more balanced masculine.

Men, like women, have both feminine and masculine energies. They are also influenced by and resonate with the Moon, the lunar cycle, and “the qualities in us that are reflective and responsive rather than assertive and proactive.”¹

It is time for all of us to tap into and integrate these aspects that we have long denied. As Simone Butler writes, “… long neglect of the feeling realm and minimization of the feminine have put us at odds with both our soul and our planet”¹.

In Moon Power the reader will:

  • learn about the meaning of being born during the different moon phases (find your Moon Phase – spacefem.com/quizzes/moon
  • discover information about their Moon placement, whether it is in Aries or Pisces. This includes their lunar superpower, lunar shadow, sexual nature, karmic path, ancient moon goddess of their moon placement, and the author’s examples of modern moon goddesses
  • find ideas for what to do when the moon is in their natal zodiac sign, including new moon and full moon rituals and questions for reflection and journalling

As the Moon spends a few days in each of the zodiac sign, everyone can tap into the energy and power of the Moon in all her archetypes and energies. Whether your natal Moon is in Leo or not, for example, we can all benefit from understanding this energy. Know that this is a fiery time, full of creativity and action, and one that is sexy and romantic. Leverage the energy of the Moon as she moves through all the signs to explore our different aspects, for a fully self-expression.

1 Moon Power : Lunar Rituals For Connecting With Your Inner Goddess by Simone Butler. Quartro Publishing, 2017. p10 [affiliate link]

* be sure to flip to the back of the book for Simone Butler’s recommended reading, which includes classics such as Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ Women Who Run with the Wolves, Riane Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade, Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance, and Demetra George’s Mysteries of the Dark Moon, among so many others.