Super-late Christmas Presents ideas

Are you super-late on those Christmas present ideas? Today, we mailed off a box of goodies, which we know will definitely not get there by Christmas. This last week, this month (!) just flew by. So if you are still looking for holiday gift ideas, here are some to get your creative juices flowing.

If your friend or family is into wellness, these are great ideas, and they won’t ever know you were late shopping! They also make great gifts for yourself, especially if you need some tips on being with big groups, family you see once a year, etc. Or not being able to travel for reunions. Have fun and wishing you a smooth holiday season.

Subtle Energy Tools

If you missed their Black Friday/Thanksgiving sale, here’s another chance with their 30% off Christmas Sale to try out and explore subtle energy tools. (They also have a 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee.) I shared some of my favourite subtle energy mandalas and tools in my Black Friday article.

There are a few new ones, such as Quantum Mood Support, I haven’t tried. The testimonials, however, have been amazing. Quantum Mood Support is the energetic signature of a blend of vitamin, mineral, and herbs that are known to positively impact moods. This combination includes biotin, folic acid, choline bitartrate, iodine, magnesium, Vitamin B12, selenium, and zinc. The point of using a tool such as Quantum Mood Support is to bring balance to vitamins and minerals that can be quickly depleted through stress, rather than as the only approach to chasing feeling good. Melancholy is moreover, according to the Human Design System, fuel for creativity and when understood properly, is a powerful way to align and self express.

Must share – Experienced a rare and icky client interaction on Tuesday that threatened to emotionally tank my day… Happened upon the new Quantum Mood Enhancer, blasted it through my computer and cell phone, and within 30-45 minutes was my usual perky self again.

We’re releasing SO much this month on top of everyday life, and whatever magic this is, I am thankful!


After less than a minute with one mandala open on my phone, I felt a rush of bliss, as well as a feeling of physical, emotional and mental well being – any negativity, irritation, and bad moods banished for the day.

David Scott

Subtle Energy also has the signatures for many other minerals, herbs, etc for Quantum Nutrition. Or perhaps these other categories may interest you or make great gifts for your friends and family – Quantum Healthcare, Relaxation, Spiritual Development, Brain Enhancement, or Peak Performance. Subtle Energy Holiday sale is now on until the end of the month. Use Code: QCC-823T for 30% off. If you need some recommendations or feedback, let us know.

Quantum Tech

One of my favourite tools is the Genius Insight Health App. Each client session still astonishes me, what’s picked up, how the clients benefit and feel better. I usually start with an intro or a full session and I recommend a monthly program with multiple sessions to address more chronic conditions. This is a great program to have in your own pocket. Until December 21, they are having a 3-day Flash Sale, and for specific packages, they are including the Terrahertz Wand. This is a new portable device that generates resonant frequencies. Included are four infrared lights, three temperature settings (low cool, high cool, and high heat). Shop the Genius Sale now. Book a session with me on how to use your Genius when you purchase through my referral link.

Blue Light Blockers

I purchased my first pair of blue-light blocking glasses in my neighbourhood health food and wellness store. These make a great gift for anyone spending a lot of time on their devices, especially after sundown. Blue-light blockers are so popular that they are much more easily found in brick-and-mortar shops. You can gift them a software for their laptop as well in the meantime if you do need to order online and your gift is delayed or en route. I use f.lux which is actually free for mac OS. This is a great “in-the-meantime” gift to get them started.

Discover the Inner Genius

Do you have a loved one who’s at a crossroad? Or a young adult about to embark onto the next phase? Or someone ready to make some changes? Gift them the gift of contemplation and self-understanding. The Activation Sequence is a great way to start, a way to understand their Four Pillars of their Inner Genius.

Other Gene Keys courses that may pique your interest – The Dream Arc, The Art of Contemplation, The Seven Seals, and a great intro to Gene Keys, The Epiphany Experience (which is also on sale).

Or book them an intro reading to their Four Pillars with me. I also offer a Human Design Reading, which I think is so helpful especially for anyone going through any of the big cycles in life – Saturn Return (around age 30) or Uranus Opposition (around 40), or Chiron Return (around 50). Quote this article and receive 15% off readings this Christmas through January 21, 2023.

If this is their (or your) thing, check out Living in HD, a monthly report that is created and produced through the Human Design lens and focuses on one theme each month. Living in HD is about shifting the conversation around healing, purpose, and spirituality and for us to live in high definition, aka alignment and aliveness. Subscribe monthly at the launch price of $7 Canadian or annually at $70. Or you can purchase a gift card.

cReate a Recipe Box

Good nutrition is so important and learning how to cook is a skill fewer are taught in school or when they are young. Grab a recipe box from the stationery store, dress it up with supplies from the craft shop, and jot down some of your favourite recipes to get them started. Looking for some new ideas? Check out Vegan Richa for easy vegan and vegetarian recipes as well as for baked goods. I’m trying out a recipe tonight. Others I’ve followed and tried out – My New Roots and This Rawsome Vegan Life. If you are into the Carnivore Diet, check out This Steak and Butter Gal website for resources.

Creative Self-Expression

I love making boxes and making one for artistic expression can be so fun.

If they like portraits, check out the the next 30 Faces/30 Days Pen & Pencil Challenge. The last time I did this, I did not complete all 30 and honestly doing one a day for a month is full-on and not for everyone. The video classes were slightly glitchy on the iPad as well. There is no rule, however, that you have to do it within that time frame as you have lifetime access.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are also a great idea so the recipient can choose exactly what they want. Some of my favourite vendors who offer gift cards include – Sun Potion, Living Libations, Domestika, The Naturally Better Company and Pure Tincture who also has up to 40% off on Christmas gifts until December 25 (for my Singapore friends),

So yes it’s already almost Solstice and you’re still short a few presents. Maybe these ideas can help you out with super-late shopping for Christmas presents. Also don’t underestimate handmade cards. You can also quickly make candles, which is what my sister and I did once. Those and dream pillows.