Sufi Meditation [video]

This is a short clip of part of the Sufi Dance Meditation led by Amber Sawyer of Satsanga. What Therapy was invited to participate and to photograph and film the event Inside Out.

Inside-Out is a celebration of body-mind-spirit through movement organized by Singapore-based teachers. The third installment of this bi-annual event took place in June 2013.

Active Meditation, including this Sufi Meditation, is one of many techniques shared by Satsanga. For many people, stilling the mind by sitting down in silence after or amidst a full day of activities, stimulus, and stress, can be too challenging. Even while the body may be sitting quietly, the mind is often still racing from event to event, list to list, bouncing here and there with thoughts. Monkey mind is what we call it.

The benefit of Active Meditation such as this beautiful Sufi Meditation is that sound and movement bring the mind into deeper and more sustained concentration and emotions can be released.