Self-Care Tips by Zodiac Sign

Self-care tips by zodiac sign? Yes!

The tips apply to your natal Sun, Moon, and Ascendant’s signs. These are the biggies when looking at your chart.

The tips may also apply if you have Mercury, Venus, Mars or other strong planet or angle in these signs in your natal chart.

The Progressed Moon’s sign is also worth considering. The Progressed Moon changes sign approximately every 2.5 years.

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Self-Care Tips by Zodiac Sign

Aries  “I Do; the Path of Action”

An Aries with a mission is a happy Aries.
Without action, adventure or movement, an Aries can feel bored and frustrated; and like the other fire signs, Aries finds the ordinary realities of life challenging.

Aries usually have a strong body with lots of heat and vitality however, they are prone to over-stimulation and adrenal exhaustion. Anxiety, worry, overstrain, and too much excitement, over time, leads to over-stimulation and sometimes burn-out.

Aries need to keep regular hours and find a balance between work and rest. Avoiding dietary stimulants such as sugar and coffee is advisable. When out of balance, Aries need to rest in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

Taurus  “I Have; the Path of the Physical”

Taurus love pleasure and security.

The five physical senses are heightened in those with a strong Taurus in their chart (eg. Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, Mars). They appreciate beauty, smells, colours, and are very sensual beings.

Taurus is the sign of indulgence; there is usually a love of “good” food and wine.
Taurus has good strength, vitality, and endurance. Their illnesses, while seldom dramatic or severe, can often last a long time and can easily become chronic if not addressed quickly.

Taurus needs to learn regular and good habits and limit the intake of sugary and fatty foods. Taurus is a sign prone to obesity and constipation so it is very important that Taurus moves and exercises regularly.

When out of balance or ill, Taurus needs to be surrounded by positivity, company, warmth, and music.

Gemini  “I Think; the Path of Versatility”

Gemini is motivated by the need to understand the world around them.

They are the zodiac’s butterfly and flit from one thing to another, collecting ideas and information.

Gemini is a bridge maker and natural networker who finds links between disparate things.

Gemini needs lots of stimulation and fears boredom and fill their lives with chatter, study, activity, social interchanges, and busyness. The Gemini mind is able to alternate between two realms. One minute living in divine light, the next experiencing the alienation and experience of being a mere mortal.

Advice for friends with strong Gemini (eg. Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) “Just wait 5 minutes.”

Due to their thirst for stimulation and information, Gemini’s are prone to over-stimulating their nervous system. This often results in exhaustion or headaches/migraines. Gemini needs to rest more often, do breathing exercises, get plenty of fresh air, wear warm clothes to protect their lungs when cold, and to not over study.

When out of balance or ill, Gemini needs a change in surroundings, long walks, a dry climate, and plenty of sleep. Gemini’s are able to recover from disease easily with a little encouragement, attention, and positivity.

Cancer  “I Nurture; the Path of Feeling”

Cancer is motivated to establish some emotional security and belongingness, and needs to be needed.

There is a constant ebb and flow of feelings and so Cancer often feels the need for emotional protection. Like Cancer’s symbol, the crab, a sometimes hard exterior hides a very soft interior.

Cancer’s desire to nurture and protect often leads to over-worrying and anxious states which disrupts their delicate digestive systems. Cancer does not usually have strong recuperative power so disease prevention is extremely important.

Cancer tends to have a sweet tooth and be an emotional eater, but overeating will often lead to indigestion and great discomfort. Healthy food choices will reap very obvious rewards for Cancer. Regular non-strenuous exercise pumps Cancer’s lymphatic system, which can easily become congested. Exercise is also a great worry/anxiety-reliever.

Cancer needs gentle, nurturing, positive people around them when ill or out of balance. A change of scenery, especially to the seaside, is highly beneficial, but a bath is also very healing for Cancer.

Leo  “I Create; the Path of Self-Expression”

Leo’s reality is much like the Sun in the solar system where everything revolves around them and the world is an extension of them. They can be experienced as insensitive and egocentric.

Leo is motivated to creatively express itself, to shine like the Sun and bring warmth to others. Leo often dramatizes, romanticizes, and mythologizes life and is bewildered when reality does not measure up to expectations. Life can be a continual identity crisis while Leo searches for their role, a hero to play; but the real journey is within. Leo is regal in nature and has strong pride.

Leo in a positive state is a dignified leader, but in a negative state, the claws can come out, along with tears and disappointment in themselves and others. Leo fears failure and not being loved, which can lead to emotionally-driven diseases.

Leo is prone to burnout because they tend to lack moderation and draw on their energy reserves. Regular rest is a necessary practice to cultivate as illnesses, when they hit, are usually severe. Leo’s blood pressure and straightness of their spine are excellent indicators of their state of being.

When out of balance or ill Leo needs warm, sunny, and cheerful surroundings. Leo finds inactivity hard so creative but restful work and gentle exercise while recuperating is recommended.

Virgo  “I Analyze; the Path of Refinement”

Virgo is motivated to perfect themselves and the world around them.

They have an eye for detail and can see how things could be improved. Virgo sets high standards for others, but even higher ones for themselves and struggles to accept self as, “not perfect, but good enough.”

Virgo fears chaos and the unknown and tries to create order to feel safe. Virgo needs to feel useful and needed. Virgo is the sign of selfless service.

There is a very strong correlation between Virgo’s health and state of mind. A healthy mind equals a healthy body .Worry and anxiety will very quickly cause problems physically as well as mentally. Environmental influences (including the weather) can deplete them, leading to an irritable and out-of-balance Virgo. In a negative state, Virgo becomes prickly and critical of others and digestion suffers, leading to malabsorption, constipation, wind, and diarrhea. Virgo needs routine, regular meals, peace and quiet and a natural life to thrive.

When out of balance or ill, Virgo needs a regular schedule and a neat, beautiful, and peaceful environment.

Libra “I Harmonize; the Path of Balance”

Libra seeks balance and is often trying to balance opposite forces within themselves; masculine/feminine; light/dark; intellect/emotions; spiritual/material and so on.

Libra is motivated by the need for harmony and tends to focus on others; constantly trying to work out how they need to be in order to keep the peace and make others happy. Libra dislikes disharmony and seeks the beautiful, good and true.

Libra’s lesson is authenticity.

Libra usually experiences good health. Pleasant surroundings with plenty of fresh air and physical exercise and a well-balanced mind help keep Libra in balance. Over-indulging in activities, pleasure, and diet will quickly throw their systems out of balance. Stress, including arguments, excitement, and emotional extremes, can quickly lead to hormonal and other health problems. Libra needs plenty of water and a warm lower back/kidney region in cold environments. Any lower back/kidney pain needs to be tended to immediately.

When out of balance or ill, Libra needs encouragement, harmony and pleasant surroundings. Libra needs social interaction on a small scale, fresh air, walking, and meditation. Music is highly beneficial.

Scorpio  “I Transform; the Path of Involvement”

Scorpio is driven to dig beneath the surface and to explore the hidden and mysterious.

Scorpio feels intensely and tends to be heavily protected and private. Like a Scorpion, they will sting if feeling emotionally threatened, and they know exactly another’s weakest point.

Scorpio is learning about power which can be used either constructively or destructively. Scorpio cyclically tours the “underworld,” being forced to go deep within and transform a part of their being before reemerging.

Scorpio has a sturdy, vital body with good recuperative skills which is just as well because their magnetic nature often attracts illness. Scorpio needs to keep their elimination channels healthy and open because if they are not working well, illness can quickly set in.

Over-indulgence in food and drink can easily lead to a buildup of toxins so healthy choices are a must. Holding onto and allowing the accumulation of emotional toxins such as suspicion, resentment, hatred, and desire can lead to manifesting physical ailments, the worst being addiction and cancer.

Scorpio should flush their elimination channels with plenty of water and sweat to pump fluids through the body. Physical exercise is vitally important to Scorpio. Saunas are also beneficial.

When out of balance or ill, Scorpio needs to seek out a secluded and quiet environment where they can process and reorganize their thoughts and health.

Sagittarius  “I Seek; the Path of Exploration”

Sagittarius seeks meaning and a big picture perspective.

Being a collage artist, they need to explore –  travel, move, study and experience – so that they can construct their personal collage. Sagittarius is interested in other cultures, languages, philosophies, and religions, taking bits and pieces from each to help create their personal collage. They require freedom. Sagittarius fears meaninglessness and restriction of possibility.
If Sagittarius strongly identifies with a particular belief system or philosophy, they can become dogmatic and fanatical. Like all fire signs, Sagittarius loves to mythologize, giving the smallest thing a big meaning. Commitment and finishing tasks can be a challenge.

Sagittarius is considered to be the longest living and healthiest sign, but their love of freedom, speed, and recklessness means they are more likely to meet with an accident, such as a fall. Sagittarius usually has a strong and robust body, which can be wiry rather than solid. Sagittarius has strong quick and confident actions and are on a constant quest for the meaning of life. If they feel restricted and penned in mentally, spiritually, and physically, their health will suffer.

Sagittarius needs to exercise but like all activity, it needs to be in moderation. An overexcited, over-exerted, and over-extended Sagittarius pays the price with scattered energy and exhaustion.

When out of balance or ill, Sagittarius needs lots of rest, quiet outdoor surroundings, positive encouragement, and gentle exercise.

Capricorn  “I Master; the Path of Commitment”

Capricorn seeks to master whatever they set out to do; this can apply as much to spiritual pursuits as outer worldly more material successes.

Capricorn approaches life with caution. They are proud and independent, often having taken on responsibility at an early age. Capricorn works hard but with limits and is goal-oriented. They have difficulty being vulnerable or allowing others to help them.
Capricorn tends to be healthier and more youthful and relaxed after mid-life. Life begins at 40!

Capricorn is often weaker physically in childhood, growing stronger with each year. Care must be taken to keep warm, as colds and flus are not so easily prevented. When ill, Capricorn needs to pay close attention to their body. They have a tendency toward chronic diseases that are long lasting if not properly looked after. Capricorn is prone to melancholy and depression, which is usually precipitated by feeling like they have under-achieved or not proven themselves.

When out of balance or ill, Capricorn needs cheerful company and surroundings. Laughing, moving (exercise!!) and being in peaceful surroundings with plenty of fresh air will greatly lift Capricorn’s mood help facilitate healing.

Aquarius  “I Reform; the path of Idealism”

Aquarius is challenged by the urge to simultaneously be different from the group while belonging to the group.

Aquarians have a vision for how things could be and feel a need to “change the world.”  They are often way ahead of their time, the zodiac’s trailblazers. They like to establish new human understanding but they have a lot of difficulty with emotions and are very idealistic with fixed ideas. This can lead to them giving off an impersonal energy which is characteristic of Aquarius.

Aquarius fears being ordinary or trapped. They like to be different and may rebel for rebellion’s sake.

Aquarius is a vital sign whose actions are strong, positive, quick, and quite accurate.

Aquarius usually has a strong nervous system but once out of balance due to worry and stress, their nerves suffer first and adrenal exhaustion is not uncommon. Fatigue or a “broken heart” due to feeling misunderstood or not taken seriously can adversely affect their health.

When unwell, Aquarius is prone to pessimism and moodiness. Aquarius must be able to express their originality and freedom to be healthy and well-balanced. Aquarius needs to remember to nourish their physical body and stay grounded, rather than getting lost in their ideas and passions for long periods of time.

When out of balance or ill, Aquarius needs a cheerful but mentally stimulating environment, and plenty of fresh air and water. Exercise is vital for increasing oxygen intake and pumping their heart and blood and oxygen around the body. Aquarius responds very well to the more etheric treatments such as energy healing, acupuncture, flower essences, and homeopathy.

Pisces  “I Transcend; the Path of Compassion”

Pisces can be a bit of a psychic sponge in the way it takes impressions from the environment.

Pisces seeks to dissolve ego identity and be in ecstatic union with source, the whole.
Pisces longs for something transcendental, universal, and magical. For some this openness and lack of boundaries can feel overwhelming and escapist and addictive behaviours may be sought (eg. Drugs and alcohol). Others use it to help serve others, create inspirational art forms or practice spirituality and devotion.

Pisces often feels the suffering of others as their own. Learning to separate and establish boundaries can be the key to productive service, even to survival. As Pisces contains all other signs they tend to be complex, fluid, chameleon-like, other worldly seeming beings.

Pisces does not have great recuperative power and once ill, disease can be difficult to shake off. Over worry and anxiety can lead them wide open to physical infection and psychic disturbances. Their dreamy and relaxed nature often means they forget to take proper care of themselves physically. Pisces’ delicate constitution means that in the long run they learn not to ignore the little things and become sensitive to the slightest misalignment of their energy and health.
In a positive state, Pisces is charitable and full of love and understanding, but in a negative state they can become cold, manipulative, ruthless, arrogant, and vengeful.
When out of balance or ill, Pisces needs quiet, isolation, and to be near the sea. They need plenty of sunshine, fresh open air, and hot baths to help rebalance them emotionally and physically.