Saturn in Aquarius

For the first time since 1994, Saturn is in Aquarius. Do you remember what was happening in Saturn’s last transit from February 1991 to January 1994?

Since March 21 2020, the ancient ruler of Aquarius has been in its domicile sign. Also a ruler of Capricorn, Saturn gives a different flavour and expression here. Capricorn is an earth sign, more structured and solid. Aquarius is an air sign. Mental energy. Future-oriented. Collaboration.

In any case, the complex archetype of Saturn gives us lessons in discipline, responsibility, and diligent work. Saturn is our spiritual mentor and when we recognize the lessons and the growth that can come from them, we come to appreciate its sternness and tough-love approach. To do this, an essential practice is to see this experience with Saturn as apprenticing with a master, rather than thinking about Saturn as limitations, restrictions, and boundaries. Saturn’s wisdom is earth wisdom, feminine wisdom.

Saturn in Aquarius also makes a square with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the unexpected – “the iconoclast, the divine rebel; he is also the creative power of human will.”¹ What about our security, boundaries, and pleasures will we get creatively rebellious with?

This Saturn transit will impact those born under Aquarius, as well as other fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

Saturn in Aquarius : Is this Your Saturn Return?

This also marks the start of Saturn Return for those born with Saturn in Aquarius. From late 1990s through 1994. This will give them – and all of us – a glimpse of the energies before Saturn moves back to Capricorn in July, before returning to Aquarius mid December for the next 2.5 years. We also experience the Grand Conjunction when Jupiter joins Saturn a week or so later at 0 degrees Aquarius.

We all experience Saturn Return around age 29, 58, and 87, each with its own lessons. The first Saturn Return is often a rude awakening. It’s when we are shown (pushed) that we are adults. This can be sobering for those who have been hedonistic or feeling invincible. The Saturn Return is often accompanied by major changes. Around my own first Saturn Return, I moved to Bermuda, ushering in a phase that lasted more than a decade. The second Saturn Return is less seismic if we have turned Saturn’s lesson into wisdom and have discovered work that is fulfilling. The next Saturn Return, happening soon after our Uranus Return, is also transformative.

If you were born with Saturn in Leo, this time is Saturn in opposition. While Saturn Returns are a time of initiations, Saturn in opposition tests what has been built over the past 14 years. Strong foundations will yield rewards.

With Saturn in Aquarius for the next few months, it’s time for us to pay attention to the kinds of energies and themes that will be in play for the next couple of years. 2020 has so far been rather unexpected, even when many have anticipated the conditions we find ourselves in. Raising our frequencies, becoming aware of our conditioning, taking care of ourselves and others, and mastering our discomfort with uncertainty are pivotal in how well we ride the waves, as we discover different kinds of normal in the coming months and years.

1 Mythic Astrology : Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope by Ariel Guttman & Kenneth Johnson. Llewellyn Publications. 1998. p152.