Reality is subjective & What that Means for you

Reality is subjective. How you and I experience what’s going on is different. There are so many reasons for it – our background, past experiences, wounds, filters, perspectives, expectations, conditioning, for example. We are all unique.

How our brain processes an event is dependent on our past experiences and how we relate to them. How we feel about an incident is not what we think. Or how decisions are made even before the conscious mind is aware. Here’s an article – The Forgetting Machine – that goes into this briefly.

Matt of Quantum of Conscience explains our reality bubble in many ways. Check him out – he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though I encourage all of us to explore perspectives different from ours. Many people have also long spoken of 3D and 5D timelines splitting off. And did you hear the governments finally confirming UFOs? This is not for everyone; reality is subjective.

What happens in our reality bubble is for us. Perhaps it’s for us to discern more clearly what’s going on in our world and if correct for us, to share with others. However, what we experience, learn about, or believe is not meant to control, judge, and manipulate others with. When we are trying to convince others of something, even if it’s a truth for us, what is really going on? What would happen if people don’t take our sides? Understanding this can begin to unravel some of the conditioning we’ve taken on.

What does this mean for you?

Just something for you to contemplate and come to your own truth, as your reality is subjective and so yours. Something to ponder navigating these times.

What it means for me is to remember everyone is a sovereign being with the right to make their own decisions. To be honest, I’m still taken by surprise from time to time, as you can imagine this past year. And then I remember The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz:

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word. 
  • Don’t Take Anything Personally. 
  • Don’t Make Assumptions. 
  • Always Do Your Best.

We all face the changing landscape of life from where we are, making decisions that make most sense or feel most right. We do things for all kinds of reasons – to protect those we love, out of fear, to best navigate uncertainty, and oftentimes, because the authority and experts say it’s best for us. It does not make one group sheep or another lunatics, especially in times of censorship and unequal access to information.

How I deal with it is to deepen my discernment and play in nuances. It is dangerous, unkind, unfair, and incorrect to speak in broad terms, with labels such as pro-this or anti-this. To put people in boxes and lump them in generalities.

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Navigating These Times with Resilience & Authenticity