Re-thinking Age, Aging & Longevity

“Real Age” came out decades ago and it led to many people re-thinking their age and aging. It may have been the first time I thought about my state of wellbeing. The idea is that we have a chronological age that’s based on when we are born and our real age, based on our lifestyle and biological factors. Research on telomeres shows that we can impact cellular degeneration and rejuvenation.

Advertising agencies have smartened up, using older women in campaigns. Women are embracing their silver locks, “grandmother wisdom.” Knowing media is controlled and the marketplace stocked full of anti-aging products and messages, there is still pressure to look a certain way or “age gracefully.” What are your thoughts about your own age and the aging process?

We have been taught that life is linear, that aging processes from childhood to adulthood to death in a specific trajectory. We believe consciously or subconsciously that forgetfulness, slower responses, certain ailments, and general decline as inevitable when you get to a certain age. Is this true?

By the way, Dr Oz is nine years younger than his chronological age. What’s your Real Age?

Here are a few ideas about age, aging, and longevity.

Gua Sha – More than just a Trend

Facial Gua Sha, cupping, taping, and reflexology have taken social media by the storm. This natural approach to a sculpted look has a massive following. People love getting the results they are! There are educators and wisdom tradition keepers who share the health benefits of these practices. It is beyond lymphatic drainage, which is in of itself important for overall health and well-being. It’s about our posture – how we hold ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and in life. It’s addressing stress and rebalancing different organs and systems. Are we glowing inside out? The natural approach has shifted many people’s mindset about unrealistic expectations of aging and opting out of chemical-based treatments. It is a reminder of holism – aging is more than just skin deep; it’s our relationship with ourselves.

Stress & Telomeres

Research such as that shared in the book The Telomere Effect shows us that stress has an incredible effect on aging. We all know the impact that stress has on our health. Because it is widespread, the connection is not so clear. Let us not underrate the effects of unaddressed and chronic stress in our lives on every facet of wellness.

What are telomeres? From the article Here’s What to Know About Telomeres and *Aging* Better:

Telomeres (pronounced tee-lo-meres) are the non-coding DNA pairs at the end of the chromosomes. Though they make up less than 1/10,000 of the DNA in all our cells, they are another ingenious part of our engineering. Think of telomeres like the caps at the end of shoelaces. These caps stop shoelaces from unravelling. This is a good analogy – telomeres divide until they are too short and cell division stops. (There are other reasons cells lose their function and vitality).

We now know that our lifestyle, diet, support system, etc affect genetic expression. Poor health and chronic stress deplete our inner resources and one thing that can happen is inheriting and having short telomeres. How we think, the way we deal with stress, how well we take care of ourselves with restorative sleep and what we consume are factors in how we age. Are you, for example, worrying yourself into early aging?

Human Design

According to Human Design, we are nine-centred energy beings, with a longer lifespan. We mature around 40, blossoming around 50 with our Chiron Return. Yet so many people expect to have their life and purpose figured out before their Saturn Return. The key is to nourish our brain and cognition according to our design. Furthermore, being in the correct environment helps to protect us from conditioning forces that pull us away from alignment. Being in an incorrect environment means we are exposed to pressures that challenge us to make decisions according to our inner guidance, defaulting to our mind.

Do you know how you are designed to digest food and information? Or what your correct environment is?

Get your Human Design reading.

Time for Final Choice

Many people have left the earth plane these past 20+ months. Unexpectedly. At least to the human mind.

Because we are in a physical body, we may think that life begins and ends with it. Or that deterioration is linear, or that it is preventable. We can enjoy quality of life and longevity in many ways. However, in the end, it is a soul choice.

A great sorting is occurring now, a time of completion. From a channel of Friends in Spirit – “Shadows will begin to be removed. The shadows are all manifestations of choices away from love. Many will think they are among those who are to make this elevation, this ascension, but if they have left behind aspects in the shadows they cannot come. Only they will know, I will know, and they will have to begin to look deeper.”

So while worldwide restrictions and mandates are politically geared to get rid of the virus, there are deeper layers of happening. We are so fearful of death and uncertainty that we may be abdicating. We may even be supporting extreme and coercive measures that take away people’s rights and livelihood. This is a shadow frequency. Fear tells us other people are dangerous or are enemies. They are the reasons jobs get out-sourced internationally. Now, they are the ones perpetuating this unprecedented global situation. Aging – growing up – is taking responsibility for our own health and life. This includes questioning what we’ve been told before, some are mere fairytales. Let us look at our own life to see where these shadows play out. And why we make the choices we do. This is part of re-thinking age and our own aging process. What is our legacy?

We are entering a time of final choice. The Earth is making a grand and unique shift into a new matrix of creation. Some of us will stay with her, and some will not. Again, the choice is what serves the soul, not what serves the mind’s idea of what is best. Many of us are what have been called starseeds. We moved from other places and came to Earth.

Choice for Love

We are in interesting, unprecedented, and chaotic times. This also means there is potential for great change. Are you ready to step into who you are?