Healing Hands – Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is a powerful, easy-to-learn healing technique that allows you to amplify Life Force Energy to heal a variety of conditions and enhance general wellbeing.

(Life Force energy is known as “Chi” in Chinese and “Prana” in Sanskrit, “ki” in Japanese.)

How does Quantum Touch work?

This healing modality works with the energy at which matter vibrates and with “body intelligence”. The body innately heals itself and we focus the life force energy to maximize the physical manifestation of this intelligence.

By using certain breathing and body awareness techniques, the healer harnesses Chi energy and applies it over areas that are imbalanced to accelerate the body’s innate healing process. Imbalances may arise from injury or blockage.

Quantum Touch can help realign bones, provide immediate pain relief, and heal injuries. Patients recovering from surgery or suffering from chronic illnesses often benefit tremendously from Quantum Touch. You can find a wide spectrum of testimonials on the Quantum Touch website.


Quantum Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.

Dr Norm Shealy


It is easy and fun to learn and can be given to humans and animals alike. An online version of the basic training is also available. Many people learn this modality to increase their awareness of energy and their level of vibrations. Some people go onto becoming practitioners, and even instructors. You can also learn this healing modality to complement what you already do, including augmenting the energy of Reiki attunements and symbols or enhancing chiropractic alignments.

Turning Water into Wine?

Not quite, but Quatum Touch demonstrations are still impressive!

Practitioners will take a bottle of wine or water and pour two glasses. One control glass and one glass to which she will apply Quantum Touch.

The two glasses of wine actually taste different.

Why? An altered chemical structure! Consciousness does affect matter.