Prosperity : Diving into the Pearl Sequence

What is prosperity? defines it as follows:

a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune

Merriam-Webster defines prosperous as:

auspicious, favourable and “marked by success or economic well-being; enjoying vigorous and healthy growth. Flourishing”

I think we can agree that it is flow, ease…It is this lightness, void of baggage from the past hidden in some dark closet in a room we have locked up

What that means is different for each of us, and knowing its meaning for us is important. What is prosperity to us, not the image we may have come to see as prosperity? Are you chasing after a dream that is not even yours?

The liberation of prosperity is about coming to a profound clarity of mind as well as gaining a vision of simplicity.

Richard Rudd

According to the Gene Keys, prosperity does not exist in isolation. In the Pearl Sequence, Richard Rudd writes that “wealth is exclusive. Prosperity is inclusive because it sees beyond selfishness, and looks toward a future in which we all cooperate with each other for the sake of the whole.” Plato is quoted to have said, “the part can never be well, unless the whole is well.” We prosper when each part of us is well and when every individual prospers then that’s when we have true prosperity.

The Pearl Sequence

The Golden Path is one way to explore the Gene Keys and our own hologenetic profile.

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The Pearl Sequence is the third and follows the Activation and Venus Sequences. The first helps us open to our gifts and anchoring into our physical vehicle, which will lead to us living our higher purpose out in the world. The Venus Sequence is a journey to open our heart, and transforms our core wound and any suffering we see in life.

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What is the Pearl Sequence?

Richard Rudd of Gene Keys offers this:

  • “witness our true vocation choreographing the forces of synchronicity and bringing us into concert with a higher harmony involving many others operating at a smilier frequency”
  • “learn to further refine our outer expression through a continual contemplation of the essential in life”
  • see where we have adopted a conditioned perspective and so where we are leaking energy, life force, and vital power
  • raise our consciousness by releasing limiting beliefs and understanding the power of language and thought
  • reorient our relationship with money
  • discover that the “purpose of life is to thrive” and that our work (whatever it is) is “a potential outlet for our ability to thrive within the greater community. Purpose therefore has a threefold nature as it knits together our physical health, our ability to love and be loved, and our working life.”

In the Golden Path, the Pearl is like the coda in a piece of music. It takes the momentum of the first two sequences and brings them to a structural conclusion. It also draws together all the elements of the whole Golden Path, and threads them into a complete tapestry.

Richard Rudd

On the journey of the Pearl Sequence, we explore and contemplate four spheres – Vocation, Culture, Brand, and Pearl. These correspond to our Design Mars, Design Jupiter, our Personality Sun, and Personality Jupiter. The Pearl is at the centre, the “crystallization of your prosperity.” The analogy is that of a “mini-genetic circuit – a thrive capacitor that condenses, fuses, and focuses the entire potential of your higher purpose into a single integrating zero point within you.”

Is the Pearl Sequence calling you?

Perhaps you have completed the Activation and Venus sequences and wish to integrate it all. Maybe you are interested in a new paradigm where thriving and prospering is the “normal” state of being. Or that you want to unlock your higher purpose.

If you are interested, read more about the Pearl Sequence. Choose to step in from an abundance mindset.

If you haven’t explored the first two parts of the Golden Path, here is more information on the Activation Sequence and the Venus Sequence.

Has the Gene Keys has sparked something deep inside? Do you wish to become an ambassador? The next step after completing the first two sequences is the Guides Program. This is an online self-study course that will help you embody the Gene Keys and so you can share confidently in a professional capacity.

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