Pisces & Liver

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Pisces corresponds with the Liver function energy. Pisces season begins with the Sun moving into this sign on February 19. With it, comes a shift from the Air element of Aquarius to the Water Element. We are swimming in the primordial and infinite Pisces ocean, merging back with the Divine.

Pisces, The Infinite Ocean

Pisces is the last zodiac sign, the final 30 degrees of our astrological mandala. This is the end of one cycle, before beginning a new one with Aries and the Spring Equinox. As an ending, this can be a challenging time, a time to master all we have learned and at the same time surrender and let go. How we perceive reality and our place in it will affect how we navigate this part of our journey. Understanding this archetype can lessen our existential angst and embrace being grounded in the earth realm while connected to the spiritual core. We can see this symbolized by the two fish of Pisces swimming in both directions, which in essence is one direction, to the Source.

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is the realm of the visionary, imaginary, mystical, and the collective unconscious. This is a watery place, where everything is fluid, slippery, mutable, and shapeshifting. The ease with which we swim in this infinite ocean reflects the degree of surrender and trust in life. This is the practice.

The veil is thin here and we are more psychically connected to the otherworld, our eyes seeing the unseen. The mantra for Pisces is “I Believe.” When we believe, we see.

Liver Function Energy

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the Liver corresponds with Spring, the attitude of anger, the colour green, and the feet. It helps projects relating to the eyes, hips, neck, and blood. Liver is responsible for smoothing out the channels for the free flowing of emotions and fluids in the body.

The Liver’s Blood is responsible for softening the Qi and ensuring that the Qi’s dynamic strength is not too tense, restless, and awkward. The Liver’s Blood is the essential balance for the Qi. The Liver’s Blood is responsible for the repetitive cycles of human life. The Nei Jing says “The Liver is the foundation of curtailing extremes.”

Ted J Kaptchuk, The Web That Has No Weaver

Liver & Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point is the epicentre of the human energy field. Its location is connected to our health, well-being, vitality, and perspective of the world. Stress, illness, and accidents are some causes for shifts in the location and angle of entry of the Assemblage Point. Ideally, it is on the central line of the body, in the Thymus area.

The Liver, being on the right side of the body, relates to the left brain. With excessive mental activity and stress, left brain energy is heightened and this can shift the Assemblage Point off centre to the right side of the body. This shift to the right is perhaps the most common misalignment.

The Assemblage Point can be moved laterally back in place through a meditation practice, quantum biofeedback session, and a trained practitioner. Feedback from using the Assemblage Point Mandala has also been positive, including a feeling of shifting back to centredness, improved digestion (of news especially), and a sense of peace.

Support the brain with the Liver Flow, also known as the Cerebrum Flow.

Human Assemblage Point is great for what I would call “re-centering.” I feel more present in my self. Helpful for integration and development of intuition. 

Scott Marshall

This can be described as total integration into the environment and dynamic centering in a single whirlwind of incoming and outgoing flows.

Sergio Pawlowski

I feel like it’s an energetic container surrounding me with a strong feeling of well being, balance and sustained energy. I also feel more focused, both at work and meditation.”

David Scott

I found this postcard by Bagocapitan.blogspot.com while looking for a photo fro this article and going through some of my books (unrelated to the article). This is rather the perfect image for Pisces and Liver. The fish eyes are on the middle finger which corresponds to the Liver Function Energy and the attitude of anger.

Harmonizing the Liver Energy

We can hold each of our fingers to harmonize all our 12 organ function energies. To harmonize the Liver, hold your middle finger. Exhale fully, inhale in trust. Drop your shoulders, feel them sit comfortably on your feet, the ground, and Mother Earth. Relax into your being and feel the stuckness and the anger move and dissolve.

You can also practice the anchor step for the left and right Liver flow, what we call the “Olive Oil Flow.”

Left Flow:
Place your left hand on the base of your skull on the left side. Your right hand goes to the right collarbone.

Right Flow: 
Place your right hand at the base of your skull on the right side and the left hand on the left collarbone.

To unburden the Liver Flow, we can also practice the Heart Flow.

Left Flow:
Drape your left hand over your left shoulder and wrap your right hand around the left wrist, cradling the pinkie finger side.

Right Flow: 
Drape your right hand over your right shoulder and wrap your left hand around the right wrist, cradling the pinkie finger side.

Pisces corresponds to the Liver, and both rule the feet. Taking care of the feet, massaging them, and harmonizing the Liver function energy are some ways enhance your vitality and wellbeing. Pisces season starts February 18 and ends with the Spring Equinox. Liver is the focus in Pisces season, Spring, and from 1am to 3am according to TCM.