Perfectionism & Lungs/Colon-Air Season

It was during Nutripuncture training that I first connected perfectionism with the season of autumn. This imbalance is related to a disturbance in the metal/air element and the Lungs-Colon/Large Intestine family. The colon and large intestine are organs of elimination. As the leaves fall, we too let go of any baggage or accumulation from the year past.

We release, be it attachments, clinging, illusions, by-products of experience no longer required, or stale air. To make room for the new, to make room for who we are. For our inherent value is internal, a quality that we as a society have largely forgotten in our hedonistic pursuit, perhaps like the high sun activities of the summer, so full of unbridled passion and unabashed Leo spot-lit presence.

Perfectionism can arise from a Metal imbalance, in an attempt to correct the sense of a flawed inner-self by polishing up the exterior.

Robert Keller

Balancing Lungs & Colon

In Nutripuncture, we may work with the meridian line (20) of Breath, which revitalizes the Lungs and/or the meridian line (05) of Organization, which balances the colon’s vital currents. When these are out of balance, a person may experience excessive idealism, perfectionism, and inflexibility.

Perfectionism can halt any action, and perhaps the completion of projects, and another end and loss to endure. They can also be overly self-righteous and see injustice everywhere. Not breathing properly disrupts the flow between the world and the individual, and we can forget the magnificence of it all. The world needs more love and compassion, rather than judgment. Judgment cracks the steps to evolution, as Dr Karim of BioGeometry has said.

These two meridian lines can become reversed, as when the breath is overcome by organization, and misinformation can be communicated on the cellular level. Rather than be inspired, a person may default into rigid thinking and obsession. They’ve stopped breathing fully. Perhaps as a bulwark against a disintegrating sense of organization and control, a habit and pattern to keep chaos at bay. When we let go, exhale, we are able to inhale, to breathe in inspiration.

Do you get sick in the fall?

Many people do fall ill during the autumn. It isn’t because there is a cold or flu season. The changing and sometimes fickle and temperamental weather calls for adaptation. (A great Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help is holding Safety Energy Locks 22, located on both sides of the collarbone.) Also certain external influences can penetrate the system, the interface with the world. Sickness at this time is also a cleansing of accumulation and stagnation. Yes, sickness isn’t what we believe.

If you can see yourself as lack, as craving, then you can stop and open to it. Something happens when we realize that we don’t need to feed it, and that nothing that we feed it truly grounds the self. Suddenly we recognize that when we don’t feed our craving, this emptiness is not at all a vacuum – it’s actually the whole world.

What you are is what you are filling it with.

Michael Stone, The World Comes to You (2019)

If you are feeling a bit under the weather, embrace it! See it as cleansing time. Take care of yourself, slow down, drink more warm water with lemon, and take it easy. Consult a homeopath, or perhaps Jin Shin Jyutsu, Nutripuncture, or TCM practitioner. Adjustments can also help at this time as posture affects organ function and vice versa.