Pain Relief with Acupressure

We’ve all had pain that takes the breath out of us. Perhaps it’s your migraine or an injury. Or menstrual pains. While pain is a message from our body, having effective ways to alleviate it is helpful for everyone. Here are three suggestions for pain relief with acupressure.

Get Pain Relief with Acupressure!

1 Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Hold for Pain Relief

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help is an easy and effective way to release energetic stagnation. This Self-Help hold is easy to remember and can be done over clothing such as socks and even shoes. I’ve used this myself numerous times. Practitioners have used this to help in childbirth!

Place your right fingers on the inside of the right heel and the left fingers on the outside of the right heel. Note that the right hand is on the inside of the ankle for both sides i.e. your right hand is on the inside of the left heel and the left hand on the outside.

It’s important to be as comfortable as possible therefore try different positions to find what works the best for you. Perhaps you are sitting in chair, with your ankle propped up on your other knee or maybe sitting on the floor on the mat. Cradle your ankle this way without pressure. No massage or manipulation needed! Focus on your breath. Notice and witness any changes in how you feel.

Oftentimes, the fear of the pain is bigger than the pain itself and can magnify our perception of the situation. For this, you can hold your index finger to balance your fear. Balance, because fear has its role. You can hold each of you finger anytime to harmonize your energies as part of your self-care practice.

Even though you are cradling your ankle, this Self-Help helps relieve pain throughout the body.

If you are interested to know more about Jin Shin Jyutsu, A Touch of Healing is a great resource to start with.

2 Acupressure for Headaches

Do you get tension headaches? That pain above the eyes? Or cluster headaches with the pounding on the side? According to Shellie Goldstein, author of Your Best Face Now these are likely related to the Liver and respond quite well to acupressure. She gives the following routine, with each point massaged in a clockwise direction ten times. Repeat this three times before massaging the next point.

Liver 2

This acupressure point is located in the web area between the big toe and the second toe.

Liver 3

About one finger-width below Liver 2.

Large Intestine 4

This is located on the hand. Press your thumb against the hand/index finger. Large Intestine 4 is found at the end of the crease created from this action.

Large Intestine 11

Large Intestine 11 is found on the outside edge of the elbow crease when you bend your elbow at a 90 degree angle to the body.

Gallbladder 20

Start with your index fingers at the base of your skull on your spine. Move your fingers out toward your ears to the indentation in front of the tendon. This is about two finger-widths away.

Gallbladder 14

This is located about one finger-width above the centre of your eyebrow.

Shellie Goldstein is a cosmetic acupuncture and the routine above has the bonus of softening wrinkles and relaxing muscle tensions in the face. Pain relief with acupressure Try her all-natural acupressure AcuFacial® facelift.

3 The Ring of Earth

Dr Norm Shealy MD, PhD suggests the Ring of Earth for pain control. His research testing the Ring of Earth shows increases in the levels of calcitonin, a hormone produced by the thyroid, that helps with pain relief. In his book, Living Bliss, Dr Shealy shares how a 45-year-old man experienced “almost total relief” after he stimulated the acupressure points of the Ring of Earth. He had spinal injury and had a great deal of pain.

The Ring of Earth is also said to help with addiction, skin disorders, and phobias. You can find the visual locations of these acupressure points on Dr Shealy’s website. You can tap or massage these points. Or apply the ring-specific Bliss oil, Earth Bliss, created by Dr Shealy.

Kidney 1

This point is located on the sole. Find it by following the big toe long bone to the bottom.

Bladder 60

Located on the outside of the ankle bone, Bladder 60 is in the apace between the ankle bone and the Achilles tendons.

Bladder 54

This is at the back of the knees.

Large Intestine 16

Located on the scapular spine on the back. You can find Large Intestine by running your fingers behind the collarbones toward the shoulders.

Stomach 9

This is the space between the Adam’s apple and the sternocleidomastoideus muscle. Where all the other acupressure points of the Ring of Earth can be tapped or massaged, Dr Shealy advises in Living Bliss pinching the skin and “twist vigorously.”

Small Intestine 17

From Stomach 9, pinch the front of the sternocleidomastoideus muscle.

Governing Vessel 20

This is at the top of the head, in the center of the skull.

pain relief with acupressure

If you are dealing with pain, it is important to understand the source. What is the pain’s message? What is calling for your attention? Having these great acupressure tools and techniques literally at your fingertips is not meant to deny your pain and what’s going on in life.  While these acupressure points are fantastic for pain relief, please consult your health practitioner before altering your medication, including decreasing the dosage.

Experience pain relief with acupressure while you continue your treatment, inner work, or deepening stress management skills. High levels of stress makes everything that much harder to deal with and can impede the body’s optimal functioning and innate healing capabilities.