Numerology on Why Endings are a Gift

2016 is an universal year 9. In a cycle of nine years in Numerology, a 9 signifies endings. What is the meaning of 9 in numerology and how do we ride this energy?

Meaning of 9 in Numerology

Life is rhythms, cycles, and spirals. What goes around does come around, for us to examine, experience, and emancipate, at a deeper level, from a different viewpoint, to make (new) choices and very importantly, to let go.

A 9 year is about letting go. Releasing. Letting what must die, die as Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes.

That is the universal theme, the theme for everyone this year, while everyone has their own personal year calculated based on their birthdate.

We create space to allow the new to enter, to allow life to move. In Feng Shui, which is about flow, we leave drawers less than full, we declutter, and we place plants and furniture to allow energy to circulate. We observe change. We respond.

meaning of 9 in numerology letting go

What are we letting go of?

We can reflect back on the past eight years and see what has bloomed from the seeds we planted at the beginning of the cycle. What were the patterns? The lessons? What was limiting and put us into fear? What was inspiring? What were the gifts?


Buddha’s doctrine: Man suffers because of his craving to possess and keep forever things which are essentially impermanent…this frustration of the desire to possess is the immediate cause of suffering.

Alan Watts


In Buddhism, we are taught about non-attachment. Attachment is suffering; we do not see and do not accept what is. When we accept what is, we can make choices for something different if we so choose. We do not know if something is “bad” or “good”. We can know what feels aligned and not aligned, what works now and what does not.

By embodying our vulnerabilities, we can follow our own guidance system of emotions to find clarity.

This takes heart and awareness, and a lot of self-love to say yes and to say no.

In our experience of life, what limiting beliefs hold us back? Are we receiving fully? Are we contributing with gratitude? What are our definitions of success/failure, love, identity, healing, money, time, worth? The big and also the basic questions.

The meaning of 9 in numerology is also about releasing what is toxic and limiting for us and transforming the knowledge we have gained over the years into wisdom. How do we integrate the levels and worlds as our path? In this way, we can seed the next cycle with more possibilities. And cross the bridge into the new.

By facing our fears of change, we ignite a deeper self-love and courage to allow life to move through us and engender more trust in ourselves, others, and in life.

numerology of 9 on why endings are a gift

How do we let go?

9, as a feminine number, is energy of surrendering, nurturing, being, allowing, receiving….that is the secret.

The first encounters in practice are with Mr Mundane and Sir Boredom – these are the stubborn gatekeepers to a vast realm of possibility.

Steve James


In an extroverted and masculine world of doing, it can be easy to be swept away by this energy and forget what is possible when we allow and be and when we feel more, think less.

Are you breathing? Fully? Completely?

We all have our natural way of letting go and there are many levels that support this process. Yoga. Stand up comedy. Meditation. Hiking. Laughter. Breath work. Forgiveness. Gratitude. Improvising music.

Sometimes we find letting go difficult because we feel sentimental or nostalgic about that past. When we extend our energy outside of us, our spirit is carried to those far and near places. We are not all in the present moment. Is it time to let go of this idea that we have to be connected to the past, to be who we are?

If you are constipated in any way, perhaps working with a movement-based practitioner or a therapist of other modalities can help spark, deepen, and “complete” this process.

Letting go, like eating, is a daily thing. A flexible mindset and being in touch with our feelings helps. Active self-inquiry.

Of course letting go is a constant practice. Not just in a 9 year.

With every inhale, we exhale. For every start, there is a finish. Every beginning has an end. And an end opens up for a beginning. The gift of endings is moving on, moving through life, experiencing more fully what is possible and transforming knowledge into wisdom so the journey is fulfilling.

2016 and any 9 universal year is especially potent energies for endings, closings, forgiveness. That is the meaning of 9 in numerology. Look at the world stage. It is also the time of truths, of secrets being revealed and unearthed. What truths are we ready to show?

In Numerology, every number has meaning. By understanding what it is, we can go with the flow and meet adversity and our passion with greater ease. The meaning of 9 in Numerology is letting go and endings. By embracing the end of things, we create space for the new and renewed.