Neptune Square Neptune Transit

Neptune transits can be challenging and can last up to two years. That’s because Neptune’s realm is the unconscious, the imaginary. It is watery, nebulous, formless, illusionary…Neptune transits are also profound – Neptune is the Lord of the Deeps and we are channelling the creative and touching the universal soul. We are called to surrender, truly learn the meaning of surrendering.

Neptune represents all that appears weird, strange, romantic, and marvellous in life. Neptune is unearthly beauty, like something from a strange and marvellous planet.

Patricia Morimando

Discovered in 1846, Neptune’s cycle around the sun is 165 years. With approximately 14 years in each sign, this planet, as with other outer planets, has a generational influence.

We are still learning about this planet and its archetype. In Human Design, we say not to dig into the gates activated in our bodygraph by Neptune. That’s because there is a veil over the potential that lies within. While we yearn for universal love, spirituality, and the ideal, we may be blind to the illusions, lost in the sea of escapism and delusion. We leave it alone; we surrender. Rather than focusing our energy on piercing through, we allow the magic to emerge. This is a yin energy, which is about being receptive.

Neptune Square Neptune

Neptune square Neptune transit occurs when we are around 42 years old. The thing is – around this time, we are also experiencing other transits and so its effects may not be so obvious. The other transits are oppositions of the following planets to themselves – Jupiter (40), Saturn (42), and Uranus (39-40). Then Pluto squares Pluto around age 44. As you can imagine, how we move through this period will have a profound impact. Some people call this mid-life crisis. Perhaps our focus is on the dreams we had that haven’t come to fruition. Or if you have achieved material success, you may have an existential or spiritual crisis about the meaning of life. Either way, there is a re-examining of life and hopefully a re-direction towards what is truly important to you. Maybe you begin your passion projects.

In The Neptune Effect, Patricia Morimando offers the following advice:

  • listen to music with string instruments (ruled by Neptune) or anything soothing as the nervous system is very sensitive
  • spend time alone to relax as many people erect psychic barriers during Neptune transits, which takes a lot of energy, thus creating tension
  • relax and flow with the energy; there’s no need to give it form – experience the “ineffable”
  • release the need to rationalize or explain with stories; understanding will emerge
  • pay attention to the inner landscape, to your dreams and don’t feel guilty if you don’t have energy or feel you are not productive “enough”
  • find someone who will hold space and listen; share with them even if it doesn’t make sense and sounds out of this world