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Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You can Heal Yourself by Dr Lissa Rankin, MD

Dr Rankin’s latest book exploded onto the scene. The promotion campaign was a blitz across all media. Interviewed by just about everyone – Oprah, Gabrielle Bernstein, Jonathan Fields, Jessica Ortner and Dr Frank Lipman…in the United States all the way to down under. And there is good reason.

Dr Rankin is one of the burgeoning group of mind-body medical doctors out to bridge mainstream and alternative concepts and practices of wellness and well-being. Dr Oz. Dr Mercola. Dr Weil. Dr Sinatra.

A New York Times bestseller, Mind Over Medicine was definitely well-received. People are simply feeling let down by the healthcare system. It is getting increasingly expensive. Drugs have complicated and numerous side effects. The information out there is confusing. The fine print is getting out of control.

More people are just ready to hear Dr Rankin’s message and the message of the mind-body community. Mind Over Medicine is a salve so many people need now.

What is her message in Mind Over Medicine?

It is certainly not to shoot down conventional medicine. A medical doctor herself, Dr Rankin came to question what is true wellness. Seeing patients who by all accounts should be a picture of vibrant health but are not led her to delve deeper. And then there is her own health.

She’s come to believe that while conventional medicine has its place, the stage for 360 wellness is much bigger.

The Scientific Proof?

We may be surprised that scientific studies supporting the healing power of the mind go back five decades.

Dr Rankin sifted through peer-reviewed medical studies (see the abundant end notes) so we don’t have to. While abstracts are available, the full scientific data, the access of which requires a fee, are much too complicated (and maybe boring) for the layperson. This is a major deterrent for most people, even medical doctors themselves who as observed by Dr Rankin are simply overworked. Yes, the healer needs healing.

She provides stunning evidence of the role the mind plays in healing, either through the belief that we can or will or we can’t or won’t.

Mind over Medicine has a lot of information, along with anecdotes and her own personal story.  It is not a dry read. It is full of fascinating explanations about our body and its processes that are not overwhelming. At the end of the book, Dr Rankin offers a 6 step to heal yourself “program”, starting with step 1 – believe that you can heal yourself.

Wellness Cairn by Dr Lissa Rankin

How do we heal ourselves? Well, the body is self-healing. We just need to get into the relaxation response more than we are in the stress response. Let the mind work for us.

True wellness also starts with our connection to our inner spark and living an aligned and authentic life. Every area is important in the balance of our overall being. Our physical health is at the very top, precarious if the other stones, and specifically our foundation stone, are shaky.

In Dr Rankin’s new wellness model, the Whole Health Cairn, the body is the “barometer of the health of other areas of our lives, and that when our lives become unhealthy or unbalanced, the body is first to decompensate.” Everything needs to be in balance with each other and most definitely to the foundation stone. This is our inner pilot light, not the physical body. This is the essence of who we are. Some call it our Higher Self or our Buddha Self; others Christ Consciousness.

In general, we know what we need. We may not know if our magnesium levels are off or if this or that is deficient. We do know that we are not sleeping well or that this person is toxic to our well-being or that we are not hydrated enough. We may always be thinking about writing that book or going sailing again or picking up the cello. We know.

She is definitely not telling people to bypass the conventional medical field or forgo any treatments. What she aims to do is empower people to be part of their own healing journey. She’s sharing information so that more and more people can understand there are always choices and options. And they may not be what you believe or were told.

This book is as much for the community as it is for medical doctors, if not even more so. How doctors deliver the diagnosis and how they project the prognosis can make a meaningful difference in someone’s recovery.


A mind-body connection exists whether you believe it or not. Looking at our beliefs and helping our body return to its natural state of homeostasis are completely within our power. Instead of thinking you are part of the 90% mortality rate of a certain illness, what is preventing you to believe you are actually the 10%? Check out the Spontaneous Remission Project . Even what is termed terminal cancer or AIDS – gone! Research and information like this helps to change our mindset about what is possible.

Who is Mind Over Medicine for?

Anyone wanting to understand more about the mind-body connection, whether they are skeptical or curious.

Anyone ready for a change. They can try out Dr Rankin’s 6 steps.


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