Million Ears in a Million Other Places

We have a million ears in a million other places.

Caroline Myss

We are surrounded by a million distractions, calling for and captivating our attention. And energy. We wander, we drift off. How fully focused and present are we when we are in conversation? When we are with ourselves?

Do we listen because we are insecure? On the lookout of possible threats and dangers?Perhaps we don’t trust we will get the info that we need, when we need it so we seek out all the ways that the foundation can be cracked.

Do we listen because we are simply curious?

We are non-local, multidimensional. As part of the field, we are always connected to all the quadrants – whether we are aware of not – and we do hear through our million ears.

As spirit in a human experience, we are also in body on this earth realm, at this time. In this vehicle, this container. For a reason. A purpose. A mission, you may say.

If “only” to adventure as an embodied energy.

What is your experience being embodied? Are you fully embodied? Do you trust your vehicle? Or perhaps your mind (thinks it) is in control. Does energy move through your entire physicality? We can easily cut off energy from daily habits or simply through our mind, thought patterns, and belief systems. This understanding reminds us that we can also easily reconnect with our body, ground into it.

I invite you to explore being completely absorbed by your sensory experiences in your body, as your body, being your body. Throw out all judgment, projection, and ideas about enjoying the sensuality of the physical. Our desires, passions. It’s not pathology to know your heart’s desires and follow your passion.

All ears and eyes, on you, on your body’s desires, directional pull, responses…feel the wind on your skin, listen to the subtle melodies in birdsongs with your cells, see the vibrancy in the landscape, in the flooring, your cat’s fur, your food, smell the fragrance in the air, taste the nuanced flavours with each bite. Savour the juiciness and deliciousness of life!

When we are so fully in our vehicle, our consciousness so singularly focused on the joys and wonders of life itself, we are naturally attuned to the frequencies, the subtleties, and the music of the universe. We can listen with our million ears in a million other places with energetic confluence and unity.