Messages for 2022

What are your wishes and messages for 2022? For yourself and others?

In numerology, 2022 is a 6 (2 + 2 +2), a year of balance. Many people, I believe, are looking forward to balancing after a 5 year with 2021. 5 is the energy of change and did we experience change this past year, and in 2020, a 4 year. Think of the four walls of a box, four. That’s one aspect of the four energy. Astrologer Pam Gregory shares that 2022 will be different from 2020 and 2021, both of which had much contraction energy.

What is this balancing we may see? In “A Glimpse of Grace“, I share Ras Ben’s insights into the balancing that may occur through bloodlines. Perhaps it’s rebalancing the excessiveness and divisiveness we have seen.

Here, I’ll be sharing the 2022 messages from my friends Choice for Love and some astro information by Pam Gregory. To me, they dovetail together quite nicely so let’s get started.

Image by Kamran Abdullayev

Our path

No matter what’s happening in the world, our path remains steadfast – to shed our shadows, conditioning, and limitations, to live and express as who we are, this creative life force.

Some questions we can contemplate:

  • Do we abdicate who we are, our inner truth for what we’ve been told is “the way”? For purported safety and security?
  • Do we continue to prostitute ourselves?
  • What do we focus on? Where does our life force go?

Caroline Myss is well-known for her teachings on archetypes. One is the prostitute, which can rile up some people. So let’s pause for a moment and take a deep breath. Zoom out of your own life and what’s personal – can you see that we have all prostituted ourselves, at some point, in some way and measure, for something we desired? We have given up our dignity, principles, resources, creativity, freedom, etc for financial security, safety, recognition, acceptance, understanding, advancement, etc.

The thing is many people don’t even realize that they are making compromises and betrayals of the self that are unnecessary and even detrimental, or at least frustrating and disruptive. Oftentimes when people realize, they experience a lot of rage, for having given up and sacrificing their dream and passions. If this is you, this is only one stage of awakening. What will your next step be? Perhaps this is the experience or the growth the soul decided on. I also appreciate how Choice for Love describes it from their January 2022 channelling.

Our lived experience has been the antithesis of real Life. The reality into which we were born has been woven of illusion, skillfully crafted and honed over thousands of years by those who would prefer that we sleep, and never awaken to remembrance of our true nature. In response, Life is proceeding with course correction and radical re-conception as earth’s transition process becomes accelerated. 

Choice for Love

Messages for 2022

I know – channelling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I invite you to not throw the baby out with the bathwater and to contemplate the message on its own merit. Perhaps, as a conversation with a friend or an unexpected insight from a movie.

Consider this from the Choice for Love messages for 2022- “instead of moving with what’s familiar, what’s easy, and what has already been materialized through the blinding lens of external references that keep you on a treadmill of repetition, choose to open to what is not known and is yet unmanifest.”

Can we let go of the need for external validation and external references? This is a key part of the messages for 2022.

We’ve been walking through new territory that has none of the familiar signposts. So what may seem familiar is a sign that we have crossed back over into the old. The time and our ability to straddle the old and the new are coming to a close. The old is dissolving and there is no going back. There never really is.

Image by Kamran Abdullayev

Do we realize that no matter the daily drama, global events, and latest crisis, “the challenge will be, as has been for some time, to resist giving our attention to the storytellers who weave narratives of distraction, directing attention and energy toward those who have positioned themselves as authority”?

It’s how magicians work – a sleight of hand or look over here while we re-arrange over there…This is not to say magic isn’t real. Our mastery now is of discernment, of knowing and aligning with what is true for us.

Waking Up From 2020 & 2021

These past two years, fear has frozen many people. Yet in that state, we can take the pause to see and feel just how tightly wound we’ve become, how automatic we’ve been in our thought, speech, and so our expression as self and interaction with others. Many people now see that they’ve been short-selling themselves, doing crap jobs to make it work in this world. We’ve been spinning and spinning, going and going, pushing and pushing…Even in forced lockdowns lies the opportunity to stop.

Stop and relax. Stop and look up. Are we still headed where we desire? Is life mere existence, with us plodding along a path well-crafted by the old system, by patriarchal ideology?

It’s time for all of us to release that tension, that constriction, and for us to re-align. The whole of us, from our physical body to our energy field.

If you relax into the whole field, relax into who you are, relax into this living intelligence that we are, you are going to notice a whole lot more, become conscious of a whole lot more. And it will delight you and inform you, and you will learn. It will reveal, because what is opening and evolving now is that capacity, to open access to all possibility.

Choice for Love


In that re-alignment, we will come to see that we do not need to give our energy away to others, at anyone’s expense. It’s not a zero-sum game. This is what we have done, for a very long time, to be “good”. These past two years have highlighted for the collective our deepest fears and increased pressures to survive on different levels. Think of all the times people have repeated, “for the good of everyone” or “do your part” that have become the official narrative.

As a whole, we’ve been conditioned to follow the authority and the experts put before us. Many people even gladly police each other, in a bid to “return to normal”. We’ve been distracted into seeing each other as the enemy. Giving people an external enemy serves many goals. What about your goals? Do we realize it’s the institutions that profit without being accountable that are not aligned? Or authorities using fear as a control weapon that is out of line? Or the shadows humans struggle with, such as greed?

We’ve been so bound up in these tribal agreements, with virtue signalling and all. It’s in this binding that our fears grow and choices shrink. Choice for Love also reminds us that the patriarchy controls us by binding us through shame and false guilt. It’s not about not caring for others; rather, it’s seeing that a collaborative experience is inclusive. That means, when we follow our inner truth, not from entitlement, woundedness, or an illusion of certainty, that we do indeed all shine as facets of a diamond. We move along our trajectory, coming together as harmonious and beneficial, for the evolution of all.

You see, we are creating something new now. The choice is ours – continue to prop up the old ways and illusions or build a new one with self-love, love, courage, and wisdom. While the old tribal institutions and communities may be crumbling, new ones are being formed.

What is your takeaway from the messages for 2022?

Depending on the path you have chosen, if you are able to stay in those high frequencies and emotions, I believe… that should bubble wrap you from the worst excesses of the chaos we may see unfolding at times in our world. Now you will be able to observe the chaos, from your eagle’s perch, but it may not arrive at your door personally or as dramatically as it otherwise would.

Pam Gregory