Mercury Retrograde + Triple 9

Mercury is the translator, and shows how you know what you know.  Mercury is your lens, and the shape you give reality. Mercury is the messenger, and in myth, associated wih the power of words as spell casters.

Molly Hall1


Each Mercury Retrograde is a different flavour, depending on the sign, what else is happening astrologically, how it interacts with your natal chart, where you are in life, how you are feeling, etc. Because of communication mishaps, electronic breakdowns, and chaos that can and have happened, Mercury Retrograde has gotten itself quite a bad reputation.

The planet Mercury goes retrograde three, four times a year for about a month so it is not practical to hide out every time.

We can be mindful when sending emails, making travel plans, coming to an agreement, etc, not out of fear;  rather, out of a deepened awareness of our life and actions. They are good opportunities to get grounded, hang loose, and ride the energy as it changes, while transforming our earthly experience.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

The August 2016 Mercury Retrograde is in the earth sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury.

The shadow period began August 10 and since then, we may have glimpsed what is calling for our attention this particular Mercury Retrograde. In a world that rewards extroverted actions and a go-go-go attitude, delays can be a good thing.

Optimize this time with introspection. Let us shift to inner communications to see where our internal blockages may be. It is a good time to slow down and take stock. Clean house. What have you put aside or neglected? What needs to be repaired or discarded? Clean up your vocabulary and self-talk.

How clear are you in your communications? Are you clear with yourself about what you need and desire? Is there a truth you have not been embracing? Do you believe the foundations must be perfect, the project details must be perfect, life must be perfect before you can step out?

Virgo the Healer

Virgo is also the sign of analysis, housework, and details.

Although Virgo appears to be concerned with the constituent parts and details of the whole, her goal is unification through refinement, realignment, and integration of the parts into wholeness.

Mary Jo Wevers2

The archetype of Virgo is the Healer. We hold within us wisdom for our own healing. When we heal ourselves, we heal what and who is around us. What we do matters. We make an impact that ripples far beyond what we may think.

We are our own portal to a brighter future.

Virgo is about physical well-being, healing, and self-development.

Healing is remembering that we are whole and that despite “challenges”, all is perfect. What are our beliefs about health and well-being? Worth? What expectations and assumptions do we hold, that are ready to be acknowledged and let go?

2016 in Numerology

2016 is universal year 9, according to numerology. This is the last in a cycle of nine years. 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.

9 is about endings. There is a season for everything and everything has an ending. Transforming information and knowledge gained in the past cycle into wisdom so that we may move forward to the next cycle with more compassion and generosity. And with more self-awareness and self-love. This is alchemy.

We delve even more deeply into the 9 energy in September. 09 + 2016 = 9.

What about September 9 2016? That’s a triple 9.

September has three Triple 9 gateaways – September 9, 18, and 27 2016. It’s a powerful month!

It’s a potent time for releasing and if you see the number 999, say in a car license plate, it is a sign that a phase is in completion. You have come to a point where that’s it. That’s the end.

PLUS we start the month with a new moon! A new moon is a time for seeding your desires for harvest at full moon. In darkness we create. In light we harvest. Create in your womb and birth it into the world. Metaphorically. Poetically. Lyrically. Subtly. Overtly. Physically.

Let’s not forget this is the season of eclipses, very powerful times.

How do you choose to live it?


Mercury Retrograde August 30 2016 9.04AM ET to September 22 2016 1.31AM ET. The shadow starts August 10 and ends October 6.




1Mercury in Astrology by Molly Hall
2Virgo Earth Sign of Integration by Mary Jo Wevers