Mercury in aries

Mercury in Aries April 3 – 19 2021

Mercury, the planet of communication, moves from dreamy Pisces to fiery Aries early April.

Did you feel words got lost or didn’t quite reach beyond the seas of Pisces the past few weeks?

Working with energetics, the energy body, the aura, and magical thinking can all be ways that Mercury in Pisces finds efficacy in the world. Vibrational magic, positive thinking, visualization, etc. are all amazing tools for honing Mercury in Pisces psychic talents in a life-enhancing direction.

Sabrina Monarch, Monarch Astrology

Aries is so different from the watery world of Pisces. This youthful, direct, yang, active, and singular energy of Aries gives our communications a more energetic and dynamic flavour. The lesson here is to be upfront instead of wrapping our intentions in flowery words and perhaps illusions. Be bold with our words. Be unafraid of our own passions and desires. This shift from Pisces to Aries season can also bring clarity to our communications and correspondence of the past weeks. Ideas may have felt heavy with lethargy, rather than light and fiery with possibility.

Mars represents activity in which there is an element of self-assertion, of enterprise, and impulse. It is the enjoyment of independent self-expression, whether emotional, sensual, aggressive, initiatory, or obstinate. It is our desire for action and self-revelation; our drive for results.

Jonathan Clogstoun-Willmott, Western Astrology & Chinese Medicine

Do remember that Aries, that Spring energy, is also impulsive. Are we too quick with our words? From what place are we speaking from? Do we expect instant response?

With Aries ruled by Mars, are we conscious of the impact of our words? Are we being combative?

Words are spells; they have energy and frequency. They have impact and are conditioning others.

We are also programming our body with repeated self-talk. What are you telling the body to manifest on the physical level?

Emotionality and the Gate of Shock

This is a good time to practice patience as well. Early April, everyone’s solar plexus and throat centres will be defined with the Channel of Transitoriness, an energy that pushes for new experiences and situations.

Take time to feel the entirety of your emotional waves before you push that energy into your communications. Otherwise what you say will be unclear, distorted and otherwise misaligned. Our processing of emotions can also be stunted, re-directed, or otherwise altered by external input and pressure when we share before we are ready.

Additionally, the Sun moves into the Gate of Shock on April 4 for the week.

The 51 is one of the most interesting Gates in the Human Design system. It is deeply competitive or projects competitive energy and is the shock aspect of initiation. As much as we resist shock, shock has a powerful role in starting things. In response to shock, we change. If we don’t change, we can become bitter. Truth and shock aren’t always proper but important if we are going to really be initiated.

Human Design Tools

Be gentle with yourself and allow others to process the shock they experience as well as for yourself. Gate 51 is the Gall Bladder – if we stay in the shock, rather than be initiated into the next step of our evolution, anger and bitterness grow. This week could be rather intense! Hold your middle finger.

Mercury is in Aries from April 3 to 19 this year. It’ll be a dramatic shift in communications, from dreamy Pisces to direct Aries.